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U-Tour Guide Information System

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Three 46" DID (Digital Imaging Display) booths as well as a large-sized 70" DID U-tour booth are installed to link such things as photo services, media services, UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) services, e-map services in a systematic way.

Through this system, the tourist is provided with tour information and can perform user-oriented events.
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- 2D, 3D and aerial photography based various map services (It can be linked with UIS {Universal Identification System})
- Analysis of the shortest distance, popular transportation information, bus information system link (Destination movement service)
- Various types of multimedia services are linked with culture and tourism portal contents
- E-Guest book with easily writable, touch-based user interface

이용안내 및 설치장소

- Free appreciation of tourist attractions with the 720 degree aerial view
- Experience the maximum effect through 3-D graphics.
- Branch information linked with tourist contents DB

- Free revolution and movement such as movement, magnification, reduction, etc.
- Free conversion of aerial view and road view

이용안내 및 설치장소

- Picture taking using high definition DSLR camera
- Various functions such as automatic focus control, night picture taking function, etc.
- Photo decoration, handwriting and UCC production
- e-Mail sending and SNS(Social Network Service

- Support of remote booting and remote system environment setting for system management
- Support of system environment monitoring using temperature, humidity, vibration and security sensors

이용안내 및 설치장소