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Thanks to the four distinct seasons of Korea and warm weather of Busan in winter, the city's golf courses are in perfect condition all year round.


  • Asia Country Club tell 82-51-720-6000
  • Dongnae Benest Country Club tell 82-51-509-0707
  • Haeundae Country Club tell 82-51-726-8000


Fully equipped with facilities that meet international standards and with different kinds of guns, come here to blow your stress away and enjoy the thrill of shooting. It is an ideal place to visit before or after enjoying some sightseeing.


  • Busan Yeongdo Shooting Club tell 82-51-405-9130~1
  • Haeundae Shooting Club tell 82-51-746-0420
  • Seomyeon Shooting Club tell 82-51-819-3890

Sport Climbing

Sport climbing involves willpower, flexibility, sense of balance and increasing endurance. Above all, it, requires a challenging spirit. It’s becoming popular among people who are thrilled to feel that unique sense of achievement when t hey get to the top.


  • Dongnae Artificial Rock Climbing Center (outdoor) tell 82-51-550-4348
  • Busan Climbing Center (indoor) tell 82-51-867-8848
  • Arpina Youth Hostel Artificial Rock Climbing Center (outdoor) tell 82-51-805-3114
  • Busan Climbers (indoor) tell 82-51-505-6229


Paragliding is highly recommended for those who want to appreciate the magnificent view of Busan from the sky. Four to five minutes is all it takes to learn the basic skills. The amazing scenery that will then unfold before your eyes will leave a lasting impression on you.


  • Leisure World tell 82-51-628-3855
  • Ryuryongtae School tell 82-51-804-7230
  • Busan Paragliding School tell 82-51-515-6870