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[Tour Guide](half-day tour)Samnak Riverside Sports Park and Gupo Market

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Date : 12.08.17
1. Samnak Riverside Sports Park
Are you looking for a park in Busan where you can play baseball, ride bicycles with your friends and get some fresh air?

Then look no further than Samnak Riverside Sports Park. It is the perfect place to enjoy various activities and take a well-earned rest.

There is a well-made jogging path

There are various sports facilities (the baseball area, soccer area and park golf course)

You can rent a bicycle for free (to enable you to reach every corner of the park)

Samnak Wetland Park is also located here. You can see a variety of plants (wild flowers,
flame grasses, trees, lotus plants). It is very helpful for children wanting to study nature.

You can certainly spend a good time with your family or friends here.
Or, you can take a rest in the shade of a big tree all by yourself.
It will be the perfect way to recharge your batteries.

Getting there
City Bus No. 59, 61 -> get off at Sasang Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal -> walk towards Renecite (15mins)
Or Sasang-gu No. 7 Maeul Bus (Neighborhood Bus) -> get off at Hansin APT 2-cha -> walk to the park

Metro Line1, Saha Station (Exit 1) -> Bus No. 123, 126 -> get off at Samnak Riverside Park -> walk to the park

Metro Line 1, Seomyeon Station -> transfer to Line 2, get off at Sasang Station -> walk toward Renecite (15mins)
Or take Sasang-gu No. 7 Maeul Bus (Neighborhood Bus) -> get off at Hansin APT 2-cha -> walk to the park

2.Gupo Market

If you feel hungry after all that exercising at Samnak Riverside Park,
it is time to move to Gupo Market. There is a lot of delicious food here to satisfy your hunger.
This market is over 400 years old, so it is a historically meaningful place for Busanians.

If you are sick of shopping in brand malls or department stores, you should try shopping here.
You can buy various vegetables, crops and fruits that the market traders have grown in their own gardens
In addition, you can find some very famous jokbal restaurants which were publicised on TV,
as well as noodle restaurants, rice cake shops and street snack stalls. You will have a busy time trying all the food.

It opens on regular days, but on the 3rd, 8th, 13th, 18th, 23rd and 28th of each month, a special market day is held.

How to get here
From Samnak Park to Gupo Market: City Bus No. 126, get off at Gupo Market
Or City Bus No. 123 -> get off at Gupo Station and walk for 5 mins
Or Bus No. 33, 59, 110, 126, 130, 148, 160, 200, 1004, 1009 -> get off at Gupo Market
Or take Metro Lines 2 and 3 to Deokcheon Station (Exit3) -> walk for 5 mins