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The 11th Busan Port Festival

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Date : 18.04.17

The 11th Busan Port Festival

Period : 2018. 5. 25(Fri) ~ 5. 27(Sun), 3days

Location :

Opening Event - The whole area of International Passenger Terminal, Busan North port

Main Event - The whole area of Korea National Maritime Museum, Yeongdo-gu

The Busan Port Festival is to promote Busan Port, one of the world's top-5 seaports. The first Busan Port Festival was held on May 31, 2008, as a part of the Ocean Day celebration. Since then, this annual festival has been celebrated about the end of May. People can learn about Busan Port's rich history and future during the festival days. Also, the Busan Port Festival contributes to an increasing City's global presence.

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