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[Tour Guide] (half-day tour)The New Space for Youths, J SQUARE

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Date : 12.12.28
The New Space for Youths, J SQUARE

Are you sick and tired of the same old places when going on a date?
Watching a movie, having a plate of pasta or a pizza, sipping coffee……
If you are looking for something new and different for your girlfriend or boyfriend, check this out!
It’s this hot new place called “J SQUARE” (located in the youthful and energetic part of town near Busan National University)
Professional baristas are there to make your coffee and a bakery there bakes its own delicious bread
Plus, there are plenty of seminar or meeting rooms.
In short, it’s the perfect space for young people to spend some time

#The exotic outdoor design

The outdoor design is very simple but looks great and rather exotic inside. (It seemed like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movie to me. I imagined that if I went inside, I would meet Harry Potter and his friends there studying magic.)

Go inside and you will find a wide variety of the freshest bread and cookies.
They are more expensive than your average bread or cookies, because they are all made of organic ingredients
(so are very good for your health).

 #A variety of cookies, cakes and bread

#Really delicious cakes

The interior of the kitchen is sophisticated and modern. The white kitchen wall and the patissiers in their white uniforms make for a gorgeous atmosphere. It is an open kitchen so you can see what they are making and you can even talk to them.

#The open kitchen

Above all, the best thing about this place is that only professional baristas will make your coffee.
Generally, in other places, young part-time workers trained for a short time will make your coffee and serve it.
That’s why customers are sometimes unsatisfied with the flavor of their coffee. If you visit here, you can be sure to taste the very best quality cup of coffee

#The coffee bar

#The 8 commandments of J SQUARE

One thing I liked about this place is how they removed every doorsill in the building to ensure the easiest possible access for all, and made a toilet for the disabled, too.
Plus, there are nice little details in the ladies` rooms, like a full-length mirror, cotton swabs, cosmetic cottons balls, and hand cream … you can feel the consideration they have taken for all their customers in this building.

#The 1st floor interior

#Books for cutomers

#The caricature service

Most customers here are students. While relaxing here, they can use a laptop or ipad, and they can plug in their device at power sockets installed by every seat. Wifi is also available here for free.

#One of the study rooms

If you need to hold a group study, lecture, or seminar session here, you can use the meeting rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors.

# The meeting room

#Monument to the founder (with the famous line “Young people are our future.”)

There were already so many things for young people to enjoy in the Pusan National University area (such as tarot card readings, karaoke, or cafés). And now, there’s this great place called “J SQUARE”.
I really hope it can become a favorite cultural space among young people.