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[Tour Guide](half-day tour)Taejongdae ~ Dadaepo music fountain

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Date : 12.08.17
● [Half-Day Tour]
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taejongdae and the unforgettable Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams ▶Tour: Taejongdae → Lotte Department Store (Gwangbok Branch) → Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams

Attractions Getting there
Head to Taejongdae (at the entrance, use the Danubi Train in the park for a speedy tour) Taejongdae, a park located at the southern tip of Yeongdo Island, commands magnificent views. The name Taejongdae comes from the fact that King Taejong Muyol of the Shilla Dynasty was fascinated with this scenic spot and made frequent visits to this area. Don't miss the Tasjongdae Observatory, Shinseon Rock, Mangbuseok Rock, and the Yeongdo Marine Cultural Space, etc. Metro Line 1 (Orange), Nampo Station (Exit 6) → Take Bus 8, 30, 66, or 88 → Get off at the Taejongdae Terminus
Lotte Department Store (Gwangbok Branch) - Attractions include the water fountain, food court and observation deck There's a water fountain show here inside the mall. Apparently, it takes place every hour on the hour, during the day. Sit down and enjoy a coffee while watching the fountain show. From the observation deck on the top of the building, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the harbor, along with the cool sea breeze. At Taejongdae, take bus 8, 30, or 66 → Get off at the "Yeongdo Daegyo" bus stop.
Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams The Sunset Fountain of Dreams, also called "The Dadaepo Fountain of Dreams", embroiders the sky of Dadaepo at dusk with cool spouts of water and colorful lights to the accompaniment of magnificent music. ▸Everyday except Mondays Musical fountain show schedule (April-October every year) ▸Spring (April) Weekdays (Tuesday-Friday): 19:30 Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays: 19:30, 20:30 ▸Summer (May~August) Weekdays (Tuesday-Friday): 20:00 Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays: 20:00, 21:00 ▸Fall (September~October) Weekdays (Tuesday-Friday): 19:30 Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays: 19:00, 20:00 (Apart from the musical fountain show, regular fountain shows take place 5 times a day: at 14:00, 15:00, and 16:00, then again at sunset, and finally right after the first musical fountain show) ▸ The fountain's schedule may change and be cancelled according to the weather, so visit the website and check the schedule. Website: -From Nampo Station (Line 1): Come out at Exit 8. then walk down the street and catch Bus 11. Ride for about an hour, and get off at the "Daewoo Apt" bus stop in Dadaepo. Walk down the hill a little, and you'll see the beach straight ahead -From Daeti Station (Line 1): Come out at Exit 1. then take either Bus 96 or 1000 to the "Daewoo Apt" bus stop in Dadaepo. This stop is right on the main road. The beach is across the street. -From Dangni Station (Line 1): Come out at Exit 5, take Bus 2 to the "Dadaepo Haesuyokjang" bus stop, and walk on down the street (in the same direction as the bus is going) till you get to the beach. This way is a bit longer, though.