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[Tour Guide](Half-Day Tour)Nampodong

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Date : 12.08.17
● [Half-Day Tour]
Take a tour of the famous Jagalchi Fish Market and the surrounding traditional markets where you can feel the true atmosphere of Busan.

▶Tour: Jagalchi Fish Market and Jagalchi Street [Kkomjangeo Golmok (Hagfish alley) and Saengseon-gui Golmok (Grilled fish alley)] → BIFF Square → Bupyeongdong Jokbal Golmok → Bupyeong Market (Kkangtong Market) → Gukje Market → Yongdusan Park.
▸All spots are within walking distance of each other.

Nampo-dong Attractions Getting there
Head to Jagalchi Fish Market

Explore surrounding areas: [Jagalchi Street Kkomjangeo Golmok (Hagfish alley) and Saengseon-gui Golmok (Grilled fish alley).etc]
Busan's largest fish market, with raw fish, live fish, and dried fish products. Marvel at the seemingly endless number of fish, shellfish, and other marine creatures for sale inside the modern Jagalchi Market building (open 7am-9pm)

- Jagalchi Kkomjangeo Golmok (Hagfish alley)- there are a number of eateries here serving cooked sea eel. Try the roasted sea eel dish. Although each of these eateries is very small, the servings are generous. Sea eel roasted over burning coal briquettes is particularly delicious.
- Saengseon-gui Golmok (Grilled fish alley): Eateries are open from early in the morning till around 11pm.

Busan Jagalchi Festival is held every year in mid-October (the best season in Busan)
- Metro Line 1, Nampodong Station (Exit 4) → Walk towards the Dried Seafood Market (about 100m) → Turn right and walk straight for 350m).
- Stop at Jagalchi Station instead (Exit 10). From there, walk 40m and turn left at the corner of the Agricultural Products Department Store. Walk another 100m, passing by Sindonga Market (about 5 mins).
Walk towards BIFF Square BIFF Square is Busan's historical heart as a City of Cinema (BIFF is the Busan International Film Festival). On the square, various traditional snacks including dried squid, dried file fish, fried sweet potato, broiled rice cake and fish are sold. Metro Line 1, Jagalchi Station (Exit 7) → Turn left after walking 140m.
Bupyeong-dong Jokbal Golmok This is a small alley where over 10 restaurants specializing in jokbal (pork hock) dishes are located. The restaurants are always busy. The most popular item on the menu is Naengchae jokbal. a cold mixture of pork hock, jelly fish and crab meat, which has a sweet and sour taste. Metro Line 1, Jagalchi Station (Exit 7) → Turn left after 40m → Walk straight another 180m, passing Gwangbok-ro, and you'll find it on your left.
Bupyeong Market (Kkangtong Market) This market is better known by the name "Kkangtong Market", meaning 'canned goods' market, rather than by its original name of Bupyeong Market. It acquired its name as a large volume of canned goods such as canned fruit and fish came to be imported and sold here in the past, at a time when they could not be found anywhere else in the city. Other products as imported liquor, ornaments and clothing are also still sold in this market. Metro Line 1, Jagalchi Station (Exit7) → Turn left after 40m → Walk straight 430m, passing Gwangbok-ro. You'll find it on your left. It's located across from Gukje Market.
Gukje Market

Changseon-dong Meokja Golmok

Souvenir shopping alley
Here you can find the best wholesale prices for clothing, silk, linen, curtains, bags, glasses, and many imported items. Similar to Namdaemun Market in Seoul, the stores are small and the vendor-filled alleys are narrow. Gukje Market spills out into the streets and continues into Kwangbok-dong & Nampo-dong. Along its southern boundary is the Jagalchi Fish Market.

- Changseon-dong Meokja Golmok: try the Chungmu Gimbap, Tteok-bokki (Stir-fried Rice Cake) , and Pajeon (Green Onion Pancake).

- Arirang Alley (the same alley as Changseon-dong Meokja Golmok) has many souvenir shops selling traditional items.
Metro Line 1, Jagalchi Station (Exit7) → Turn left after 40m → Walk straight 180m, passing Gwangbok-ro. You'll find it on your right.
Gwangbok-ro Street of Fashion Gwangbokro Street of Fashion is crowded with clothing stores attracting tourists with all types of merchandise catering to different tastes, ranging from the products of renowned brand names to lower priced products. Metro Line 1, Nampo-dong Station (Exit 7)
Yongdusan Park This park can be easily reached from Gwangbokro by escalator. Busan Tower is located in the park.
The view of Busan harbor from the 120-meter-high observation deck in Busan Tower is a uniquely beautiful one.
Metro Line 1, Nampo-dong Station (Exit 1) → Turn right after 50m → Walk 70m along the street.
Take the escalator from there.