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[Primastuti Dewi]Igidae, beautiful and refreshing landscape

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Date : 12.08.17
Igidae (이기대) is one of beautiful beach in Busan, South Korea, with beautifull cliff and hiking tracks. Quite similar to famous touristic site Taejeondae, but I prefer Igidae because it offers you a nice scenery of Gwangan bridge, Haeundae beach, Nurimaru APEC house and Oryuk-do (five-six islands) from a far away. The location is easy to find and well facilitated. You can find a big map of the site near the parking lot of Igidae.

The origin name of Igidae is come from the time of Japanese invanded in late 16th century. When Japanese conquered Suyeongseong Fortress and held a feast to celebrate their victory at a open spot that have a pleasant scenery, two Korean gisaeng (female professional entertainers) were taken to the feast. They seized a drunken Japanese commander and jumped into the sea as a reprisal against the Japanese invasion of their homeland. Therefore, the name Igidae, which means two gisaeng was given to this place.

In Igidae we can enjoy the natural melody of wave, breeze wind of sea, hiking track, green mountain, foot message track, iron bridge, cave between the cliff, some poem sculptured on a stone and many more. Igidae also one of place where the famous Korean film 'Haeundae' took a scene.

In Igidae, you can see a lot of stone piles. You may wonder what it is. That's represent people hope. They put a stone in a pile and pray their wish to become true.

How to get there:
Take bus no 22, 27 or 39 (from 경성대학교●부경대학교 Kyungsung Univ●Pukyong Nat'l Univ subway station) then stop at 이기대입구(Igidae gate).