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[Tour Guide] International Friendships Exhibition Hall is now open!

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Date : 13.04.08

Busan International Friendships Exhibition Hall opened on Feb.27 on the ground floor in the Busan City Hall explaining current state of affairs and displaying souvenirs donated from the 26 sister cities and friendship cites.

It offers cozy and tidy gallery-like atmosphere to suit the global city of Busan so that visitors can experience unique culture of other foreign cities emphasizing the uniqueness such as the Great Wall of China, bungalows, buffalo, temples, or mosques.

Busan, sought after by many major cities around the world, tries to strengthen its status as a global city and build global network for overseas expansion of the local companies. The exhibition is meaningful because it shows the valuable footsteps of Busan's history for a global city.

This year marks the 47th anniversary that Busan started as a global city by signing sister city agreement with Kaohsiung in 1966. You can enjoy experiencing sister city's traditional clothing and take pictures in front of the exhibition booth and send it into your mobile phone.

Offering lots of things to see and experiences like a samll gallery in Busan city hall, Busan international friendship Exhibition Hall will enhance Busan's position promoting as a global city. I hope Busan would be a sister city of more than 300 cities and recognized as a global city among many countries.

[ Information ]
Open: 9~18:00 (Mon~Fri)
Take off at City Hall st(metro line1),exit 1 or 3