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[Tour Guide] Enjoy summer at the Gwangalli Marin sports center

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Date : 13.09.09

Busan is always busy with visitors but summer is the best season visited by locals and foreigners. Whereas Haeundae has been ranked highly in any research conducted by KTO and is more popular than Gwangalli, Gwangalli is more like a family feeling beach which has Diamond Bridge and Minlak Fish market growing its attention. The beach is getting more popular by Gwangalli marine sports center, a four season comprehensive marine leisure center located at a corner of the beach. Marine sports center is located on the right at the end of the beach when you are facing the ocean. Founded 2011, the center has had a reputation between locals and visitors through the steady progress.

The shower booth in the center is good and on spot registration is possible except for few special programs. You can experience marine sports after a brief safety training. They are open all year around but having more various programs especially in the summer season to ready to welcome visitors .

They are waiting for a ride which is the one of the most popular marine sports, Motorboat.

Students are waiting for their turns listening to safety rules about Dinghy yacht. The center opens the 'marine academy' from June to September this year and gives locals opportunities to experience marine sports as a cheap price or no charge.

This is an obstacle race floating in the water next to the center. It looks like a 'Dream team' set of TV show or also an ocean version of the amusement park in a Busan exhibition and conference center. Students really liked to ride it.

Room condition such as a bed and a bath inside the yacht was also good. If you take pictures with Gwangan Bridge as a background, you will have a wonderful picture of you and memories.

People kayaking and surfing is noticeable. The center is normally open to members only and scuba training and certification can also be obtained.
Contact: 051-755-0707/622-0201
Programs: windsurfing, motorboat, banana boat, kayak, cruise, dinghy, skin-scuba
Transportation: exit 1,3 of Geumnyeonsan st(metro line 2) and walk to the beach about 15mins or take bus 41 from Busan station and get off at Suyoung gu District Office and walk 10mins.

In addition to Gwangalli, Songjeong wind surfing school is also popular and Songjeong is one of the most favorite places for surfing in the country. They are specialized in surfing and anybody can surf after 2 hour training. Because most of the tools can be rented by the center like Gwangalli, you can easily experience marine sports.

Contact: 051-704-0664

Transportation: Take bus 1001 or 1003 from Busan station and get off Songjeong Beach and walk about 7mins to the beach.