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[Tour Guide] Dongrae hot spring!

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Date : 13.08.29
Dongrae hot spring is located at the foot of the mountain. It was discovered during the reign of King Sungjong in the Joseon Dynasty and was reported in the old poem of Goryou Dynasty. According to the record, it has been used as hot spring place of kings of Silla dynasty. And first of all, it is the one of the first hot spring places in Korea with Onyang hot spring.
This place is really well known for spa as much as it is named Oncheonjang that has meaning of spa place and it has many saunas, tourist hotels and inns having long history all over the village.
The maximum water temperature is 63 degree Celsius. And it is available for drinking purpose and good for neuralgia, skin disease, indigestion, stomach disorder, constipation, rheumatism and so on. So why don't you visit a hot spring with your family and get rid of all your stress?
Hurshimchung, The biggest hot spring facility in Asia

There are not only spa and sauna places but also additional facilities like banquet hall and restaurants. And moreover as trick eye museum is now open on the first basement-level, I believe it gives your children great time after spa.
▶Time: Spa 05:30~22:00(admission ~21:00) / Sauna 06:30~21:30
▶Tel: 051) 555-1121
▶Web page:
※Trick eye museum
▶Time: 10:00~20:00
▶Tel: 051) 557-1577
▶Web page:
Other spa facilities in Oncheonjang like Nokcheon spa, Nokcheon otel, cheonil spa, Joongang spa also have a long history and are filled with citizen and tourists from all across the country.

You can easily meet people who take a rest and have a date soaking bare foot in the outdoor foot bath. Especially because of the effect of hot spring, this outdoor foot bath seems to be a reception room of the village for those who want to gather around together and have a friendly talk.

※Dongrae outdoor foot bath operation guide
▶Time: March~October 10:00~17:00, November~February 11:00~16:00
▶Day off: Every Tuesday and Friday / Summer season 7.20~8.31, Winter season 1.1~1.31 / Rainy day / National holiday
▶Make sure that wash your foot before you soak in the bath and moderate exercise (Approximately for 20~30minutes) is good for your health.
▶High blood pressure, diabetes, a cardiac disorder, drinker is forbidden from taking foot bath.



Dongrae hot spring is crowded with hikers, tourists and even foreigners from all across the country.
Around this place, you can see many famous restaurants for delicious food such as roasted sea eel, (hand-made) chopped noodles, green-onion pancake and so on. When you try these local foods with traditional raw rice wine after spa, all your trouble and stress will blows over.
※How to go
Onchoenjang st. Metro line 1 -> Cross the driveway from exit no. 5 -> 5 minutes walk from back of sk hub apartment complex