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[Tour Guide] Look canned goods market (kkang tong market) over thoroughly.

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Date : 13.08.29
Don't you think that the real magnetism of nampo-dong area is looking all around to try and buy interesting goods at a reasonable price for fun of it?
Personally, I think one of the most interesting places among several markets in Busan is canned goods market here.
It was created after the country’s liberation from Japan and became fully established after the Korean War. Various merchandises imported through Busan Port or the USA Army were distributed throughout the country from this market. And now this area is always full of life.
Those who visit here first will be definitely lost on the middle of because of maze-like alley. But you don't need to worry about that because it is another enjoyment to meander around. 


You can see many stores which sell imported products as soon as going inside this market.
Various coffee products which are not very common in general are outstanding.
Liquors from diverse countries are also arranged on the display. As it is cheaper than usual market attracting many customers.

Grocery stores deal in many novel products such as teas, instant noodles, seasoning and so on.


Not only simple plates but also traditional style tea sets and unusual plates attract people walking around the street.


The most popular store is imported snack store. It is crowded with many customers who want to keep snacks in their basket. I wanted to have a bite of all kinds unusual snacks stacked up on the shelves there. Surprisingly it costs 1,000 won per each snack box.
People try their damnedest to get delicious snacks while crouching down beside baskets. I believe I wouldn't be nowhere to be seen.

We can find all the latest trends through various socks. As soon as Psy release his latest songs "Gentle man", I could find socks printed with psy's face and name of album. I think it is very interesting to buy colorful and cute socks with your friends to refresh yourself.


After walking all around the market, you will definitely become tired and hungry. Then how about visiting Bu-pyung market connected to the canned goods market to have some bite?
Bu-pyung market is really well known for Busan fish cake. It is very popular for even people living out of Busan because Busan fish cake is made of fresh fish flesh caught coastal waters of Busan. That is why it is different from other fish cakes in terms of spicy taste and chewy texture.

And Bu-pyung market is fully filled with specialties of Busan such as fried tofu stew and fried food.
So this market having unique atmosphere and goods will be a best place for families and couples in terms of reasonable price and diverse goods.
If you realize the magnetism of Nampo-dong including guk-je market, Bu-pyung market and canned goods market, you wouldn't get out of it easily.
▶Location: Jagalch metro station, exit no.7, walk up the incline for 5-10 minutes
▶Day off: Every 1st. 3rd Sunday
▶Information center: 051) 253-8253