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[Tour Guide] Mural paintings and culture village in Hinyeowool-gil (white ford road)

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Date : 13.08.29
If you like to see the landscape of typical Busan's sea, not just dazzling blue sea, I recommend Hinyeowool-gil (white ford road) in Yeongsundong, Yeongdo-Gu without hesitation. It's special road hiding blue sea seen through crammed houses and busy large ships floating on it.

▲Hinyeowool-gil(white ford road) Yeongsundong


Many dramas and cinemas filmed in Hinyeowool-gil that still preserves the atmosphere of the 80s and beautiful blue sea is only a few steps away. You can easily happen to meet people taking pictures of impressive blue sea in this alley.

▲Hinyeowool-gil cluture village, a unique culture and artistic creative space


Few houses have been renovated to encourage the creative desire of local artists and to give the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of life and culture for citizen.
Another distinction has been added to this unique culture and artistic creative space is a Hinyeowool-gil culture village.


Inhabited houses changed into a new cultural art gallery space which is now experience workshops and galleries. You can also see milestones in pretty colors anywhere in this route. New mural paintings drawn in the last year makes Hinyeowool-gil even more special.

▲murals in Hinyeowool-gil



Coloful murals decorating this road is small in size but beautiful enough to welcome visitors as a Busan's representative and famous place for the photographers.


The most typical Busan's blue sea, the past and the art of Busan and colorful mural painting are waiting for you. Never miss it!

This is a part of Jeolleong costal walkway. Get the bus 7, 71  from exit6 of Nampo metro st(line1) and get off Yeongsun Apt.(20min)