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[Tour Guide] (One-day tour) Going to memorable tourist attractions in Yeongdo

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Date : 13.08.23
Just crossing Busan Bridge or Yeongdo Bridge, you can get to Yeongdo, which has been growing as the maritime city.
At the middle of the town is a mountain called Mt. Bongrae. On top of it, the transmitting stations are located for broadcasting.
When it comes to Yeongdo, you may think the maritime industries first because a big heavy shipping company and middle-sized shipping companies are gathering along the coast line.
 However, there are many tourist destinations which boast magnificent views nationally and naturally. The district office has designated naturally beautiful 8 views of Yeongdo you shouldn't miss. Let's go to great tourist attractions.
 1. Taejongdae (
Taejongdae, located on the southernmost point of the Yeongdo coast, is 250m high at the summit. A circular road of 4.3km long has been built around the mid slope. Various kinds of big pine trees made a splendid cliff mountain.   The name of Taejongdae originated from a legend that King Muyeol of Silla Kingdom practiced archery here after the unification of Three Kingdoms.
 In Taejongdae, there are two temples, an observatory and a lighthouse where you can enjoy the beauty of Pacific Ocean. Dadubi (a circulating train along the trail) is running for the convenience of tourists.

2. Jeolyeong Path
Just crossing the Namhang Bridge from Songdo, you can reach the entrance of Jeolyeong Path. It belongs to Galmaetgil, very famous coastal tracking courses. 
The coastal walk is about 3km long and it takes about 2 hours to finish. With the backdrop of beautiful open sea stretching toward Songdo Island, you can enjoy splendid sceneries of waves. Because this path was built for citizens through a public project, exercise equipment is available and some wall paintings and stone towers are seen.

3. Dongsam-dong shell mound
The Dongsam-dong Shell Midden, located at the entrance of Korea Maritime University was excavated in 1930. Since then, several excavations were carried by Korean scholars. During the excavation, valuable relics such as a jar coffin and structure traces were discovered, which proved that this site is one of the oldest New Stone Age relics in Asia.
In 2002, this museum was constructed to educate students by recreating the living environment of the prehistoric time in the Korean peninsula and excavation site, and providing information on the creation, distribution, and characteristics of shell middens.

4. National Maritime Museum (

With a grand opening in 2012, the National Maritime Museum is the center of Korea’s maritime history, and the development of science and industry in our nation. It plays an important role in becoming a landmark of Busan, a world-class maritime city.
In the exhibition area, more than 10,000 various relics, books and items have been prepared for exhibition. There are also relics of well-known admirals Lee shun-shin, Jang bo-go and the turtle ship. That's why this museum is beloved by the children and parents.