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[Tour Guide] The culture street near to Pusan national university has become so popular

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Date : 13.08.23
The shopping street around Busan National University has become so popular. We can first visit the 'life plan space(life DIY),"Tong" which has various programs like fair travel club, classic guitar lesson, arts and society, Sutralecture and reading and writing class, which is located on the opposite side of Jangjeon station, metro line 1.

Tables, magazines and newspapers are displayed inside the cozy cafe where everybody easily drops to chat with others and makes not only their own magazines, but also 'concept magazine with others, "Saessak", longing for ‘amateurism’.

Young people saved money for this space and opened to lead a culture art for Guemjeong gu citizen. 'Tong' is full of enthusiastic and unique concert planner who will actively present a variety of performances.

< information>
contact: 051-516-9994
location: exit 1 of jangjeon metro st(line1)

J Square, whose interior walls are painted in luxurious white, is quite spacious and well known for selling delicious bread in Guemjeong area. 'Platform for knowledge sharing' is on the first floor, Bakery & Cafe on second floor. Culture space is on the third and fourth floor where reading, discussion and a variety of lectures were held and are visited by a lot of visitors. 

Beautiful and delicious cake and bread in the showcase looks more luxurious along with fancy interior. Various pictures taken during the events are hung on the wall to second floor and it feels like we are in a villa.

Like the saying 'Reading same books is a connection of people' by Madison, there are reading discussion rooms for youngster on the second floor. Open lectures, marketing lectures and special presentation performing on the third floor is famous for young people.

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address:391-3, jangjeong 1dong, Guemjeong gu
contact: 051-515-0219
open : 10:00 - 23:00

There are many newly cozy cafes around Busan National University. When I wanted to go ' a picture of exhibition' cafe, I was embarrassed that nobody knew. I called the owner of the cafe and he kindly told me a short cut. Concert posters and cafe diary showing its history are attached on the wall of stairs and it attracts visitors. It's more spacious than we expected and kind owner and modern paints appeal to me," How small but a special cafe it is"

Its romantic mood such as piano, cozy rocking chair, paintings of renowned painters illustrates a 20 year old history of the cafe. He was proud that he has run his business more than 20 years beating any famous coffee company.

address: 2F, 418-1 jangjenong 3 dong, Guemjeong gu
contact: 051-517-4775, 011-873-2200
open: 11:00 - 24:00

Busan National University’s cultural street is full of lots of things to eat, see and play. Movie theaters, shopping malls are clustered in this area so that is always busy with visitors during the whole week. It's a good place for a family outgoing. Good price of thick Toast shops and snack bars that are packed around this area are one of major attractions.

You can enjoy roaming the streets and looking around multi shops. Second hand shops, music store, accessory and clothing stores are scattered in this shopping town.

I recommend starting your day listening to music with a cup of coffee and a sandwich. If it starts at a unique coffee shop full with love and elegance, it couldn't be better. Located 48-3, jangjeong dong, Guemjeong gu Busan, 'Daeng gi gong bang‘ is also tiny coffee shop but deserves to be recommended to coffee mania.

Daeng gi gong bang which is always full of customers sells tiger's-eye brooch, earrings made of onyx and stick beads, colorful gemstone bracelets and pretty mirrors with hand drip coffees.

< information >
address :418-3, jangjeong dong
contact: 051-583-2502

'Gallery Sora' is small but a comfort and cafe like gallery. Art works are displayed one side of wall and cafes and workshops are located in the other side.

It's good that you buy fashion items such as socks, handkerchiefs, ties made of Hanji(traditional Korean handmade paper) and living goods brand 'cham hanji' as souvenirs for your parents and foreign friends. You can enjoy eye shopping fashion item from accessories to scarf and ‘Kyunggukjisak’, beauty brand.

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address:222-38(Guemjeong ro 147-1), jangjeong 1dong, Guemjeong gu
contact : 051-582-7595