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Date : 13.08.23
when i arrived at moonhyun metro station and walked down for 5 minutes from exit no.1, i found new bridge.
just crossing the bridge, i reached “busan citizen’s hall”

i saw an outdoor board “art, falling in life” currently on display at hhansol galley in the building.
this works consist of 5 different types of art works.

among them, the work ‘osundosun café’ showing peaceful space for couples in their 50s caught my attention at first.
i heard that this work was made by over 20 artists.

various art items were put on display such as cups, table and chairs, and x-x-frames. they looked like items in living room. the atmosphere was very simple but cozy. i felt as if i was in my friend`s house.
the special thing in this works was that i could get inside works to look around, sit in, and touch.
i experienced various works in person. it was different from common works that people are not allowed to touch

each works has different concepts according to age from 20s to 70s.
some works were for 20-something and the other spaces were for 50s. i thought people of all ages can enjoy whole this art works. 
this art project was a very cooperative team work. because, over 20 or 3o artists participated and made various art works such as paintings, ceramics, and textile arts. that` why people can experience different types of works at a same space.