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[Tour Guide] (one day tour) Taking a day trip to Seomyeon area

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Date : 13.05.16

◆ I'd like to introduce Seomyeon shopping street to all who are crazy about shopping.
     "Seomyeon", a place full of youthfulness and dynamism

디시티 지하상가

The traffic in Seomyeon is very convenient with subway line 1 and 2 crossing and a number of buses coming to and from Seomyeon. It is home to Lotte department store, duty free shops, Daehyeon underground shopping center, Seomyeon traditional market and fashion street(Judies Teawha shopping mall , Dcity shopping mall) where you can have a lot of things to see and eat. The night of Seomyeon is quite different from the day time and used to be a bustling streets with people going to club, bar and cinema. Discover the full heat of youth walking slowly.

카페1 카페2

If you are tired of shopping, find a place to break. Walk to the other side of Bujeon library and find distinctive restaurants and unique atmosphere of the cafes are scattered. It's just a little away from the main street so that is quite. As each restaurant has their own atmosphere, you can have special impression of another Seomyeon. Try to go to your favorite cafe and order a cafe latte and homemade brownies cake. It looks really good. You will find yourself chatting with your friends.
1) Lotte department store: open10:30~20:00 (Fri, Sat, Sun, and other holidays 21:00)
     Duty Free shop(8F):open 9:30~20:00
2) Daehyeon underground shopping center(Seomyeon metro station underground shopping center) : open 10:30~22:30
     /closed every first and second Tuesday
3) fashion shopping mall
    Judice Teahwa-exit 2 of Seomyeon metro station
    Dcity-exit 6 of Seomyeon metro station

4)Seomyeon 1st Avenue, a center of Busan, is always full of young visitors and lined with traditional markets, street venders, bars, clothing shops and restaurants.

◆I recommend taking a walking course in the Busan Children's Park to anyone who likes walking.
 It takes 20 minutes from Seomyeon to Busan Children's Park. It's a long time for me to browse here where you've at least visited once as a Busan citizen. Since its renovation, the park has been a shelter for the civil and many people go for a walk even on the weekdays as well as weekends. I recommend this place for lovers, friends or family excursion. No admission fee is needed, come and visit here on the light-hearted.

지도 정문

When you have a fine day, why don't you go to the park for a walk taking just 1 hour?

산책1 산책2

▶Transportation: take town bus 15 at the opposite side of Lotte dept and get off at Children's Park. Takes 20 minutes
  contacts :(051)860-7848

◆ Let's find another attraction of temple! Let me introduce Samgwangsa temple in Busan.



 Samgwangsa is a Buddhist temple of the Cheontae Order founded in 1969 representing Busan. After about 15 minutes walk from the Children's Park, you will meet a large-scale Samgwangsa. The largest 'Samgwangsa lantern festival' in Korea was chosen as one of 'the top 50 places to go in Korea' by the「CNN GO」which is CNN web site delivering local news. Why don't you join 'Samgwangsa lantern festival' on the Buddha's birthday which is always full of visitors from home and abroad every year?



Samgwangsa is famous as a filming location for movies for its grand scale and outstanding beauty. It's interesting to trace the places seen in the movie.


삼광사 탑

One of the most outstanding attractions in Samgwangsa is the 9-story pagoda. The pagoda enshrines 10 Buddha crystals including 7 Buddha crystals from Myanmar and 3 crystals from the Dalai Lama of Tibet wishing reunification and wealth of Korea. Its official name is 'the eight-sided and nine-storied pagoda'.  The scenery overlooking from the temple is magnificent.

▶Transportation: take town bus 15 at the opposite side of Lotte dept and get off at Samgwangsa. takes 20 minutes
  contacts : (051)808-7111

◆ If you like to experience the traditional music and dance of Korea, visit Busan national Korean music center(Gugak center).
Let's go to the Busan national Korean music center(Gugak center) to see the regular concert ' Uri-so-ri, Uri-Chum' at 4 pm every Saturday. I get excited just listening to the traditional music. In addition, 'Heritage of Korea(Korean Traditional Music and Dance)' is regularly performed at 7:30 pm for foreign visitors to promote the traditional art of Korea and use the source of culture heritage.(Mar. 8th~October.25th, 2013)

국악센터1 국악센터2

The traditional music and dance is regularly performed in the Busan national Gugak(music) center, please visit anyone who is interested.

exit no 7 metro line 1 of Seomyeon and transfer bus 33 and get off Busan national Gugak(music) center or,
exit no 13 metro line 1 of Seomyeon and transfer bus 63 or 83-1 and get off Busan national Gugak(music) center or,
contact: (051)811-0114