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[Hermes Ron] Pukyeong national university area

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Date : 13.04.15
Busan nightlife
Pukyeong national university area
Busan is a city full of interesting places and entertaining possibilities. After a week of work of and responsibilities, most people like to enjoy the weekend nightlife over food and drinks in the many popular areas of this wonderful city.
One of the most popular areas for the foreign community to gather on weekend nights is Pukyeong national university, easily accessed by subway (Line 2 station 212) this university area has been a crowd favorite for years and both locals and foreigners come together here to enjoy food and drinks at the many restaurants and bars spread out throughout.
Although this area is not only limited to bars and restaurants, in fact one may find pretty much anything around Pukyeong, there are cinemas (there is a CGV cinema at the intersection.) game rooms (where you may enjoy video games, pool, ping pong and others for a small fee) and of course lots of stores for shopping.
Famous for the foreigner bars
Pukyeong is famous for the foreigner bars that can be found there, in these bars the staff members all speak English well and some of the bar owners are foreigners themselves
There are many typical Korean bars in this area as well but there are certain differences between these bars and the ones that are aimed at the foreigner community.
Korean bars tend to be more quiet and easy going where the foreigner oriented bars have a more western feel to them and people are more active having strangers interact more with each other.
Also the prices tend to differ, the Korean typical bars being more expensive.
The top 5
There are many bars where foreigners meet in Pukyeong, but here we will list the top 5.

1) Kino Eye.

Kino eye is the most famous foreigner frequented bar in Busan, in fact for many years it was always packed on weekend nights and on holidays.
The theme in Kino eye is cinema, the owner Dong-Il is a cinema fan who has created a very successful bar that has a giant screen inside where movies are projected every night, so you can dance and talk with friends or simply sit back with your drink and enjoy a good movie.
The screen is also used to play football (“soccer”) and other sporting events at times.
Occasionally bands also play live at Kino eye although it is not the usual thing.
But putting aside all the details that make Kino Eye's theme, the main reason why people have kept going there and returning is because of the friendly staff and great environment.
Recently the same owner of Kino Eye has opened a small restaurant next to the bar called “O'Che”.

Inside Kino Eye

2) Ol' 55

This landmark bar that is accessed by walking down some stairs is the only bar with a pool table and it is mostly popular for its live music. Having a stage with instruments ready for bands to come play or even for any brave or talented individual to participate on open mic nights.
On special nights throughout the year Ol '55 has performances from well known bands that come from other cities. Wednesday nights are open mic nights and it is usually crowded with people who go to enjoy the music or just relax with friends.
Along with Kino Eye it has been a favorite of the foreigner community for years and its popularity stays strong.

Its not easy to find a bar with a pool table, but Ol' 55 has one

  1. Eva's

    Eva's is located on a 3rd floor in front of Blue Monkey.
    Among the North American and English expats in Busan, Eva's is like a second home, the bar is named after the owner Eva, a Korean woman who has lived abroad and who speaks English fluently.
    The bar has a projector and also a big TV where they show sporting events on request.
    4) Blue Monkey
    The newest to have been established among these bars, Blue Monkey was founded just a couple of years ago but has quickly become incredibly popular.
    What sets Blue Monkey appart is the its Bar / Club hybrid identity, most of the interior is comprised of a big dancefloor.
    For some it is a bar for others it is a club. This place tends be quite packed on Saturday nights and is mostly popular for dancing and listening electronic music.

    Blue monkey is a bar/club hybrid where many people go for dancing

    5) HQ
    This bar which is located next to Blue Monkey and across Eva's has a more North American old style bar feel to it. Maybe the most quiet and traditional styled western bar in the list. With comfortable couches to sit and a more simple appeal it is a place best suited for sitting down and talking with friends.