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Cheongchun Shikdang

Cheongchun Shikdang

Plentiful pasta in the harmonious space

  • Address46-11, Jungni-ro, Yeongdo-gu
  • Tel+82-70-7817-3030



Located in Youngdo, Cheongchun Shikdang is a pasta specialty restaurant. You can enjoy delicious pasta and exotic menu here. If you enter the store, you will find the pop art picture on the wall impressive. When you order, you will be served garlic bread as appetizer.

The bread has fragrant garlic scent, which you will enjoy. Squid rose pasta contains a whole squid. Covered with seasoning poweder, it will wake up your appetite.

  • MenuBacon cream pasta ₩8,000 / Whole squid rose pasta ₩9,000
  • Time11:00a.m. ~ 22:00p.m.