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Watda Sikdang

Watda Sikdang

Gimchi geongol with chewy sgee

  • Address811, Hana-gil, Yeongdo-gu
  • Tel+82-51-412-2676



Located in Youngdo, Busan, the restaurant is famous for suji-jeongol. Suji is a the tendon part of ox, which can be used to make various dishes. The basic dishes include seasoned fishcake, seasoned bean sprouts and kimchi.

The main dish is suji-jjigae (soup) and suji-jeongol (pot dish), which contains generous amount of mushrooms and tofu. Suji kimchi jeongol has great tasting spicy soup. To finish the meal, put noodles in left-over soup to finish the meal.

  • MenuClear jeongol of tendon(1 person) ₩8,000 / Beef cartilage slices ₩30,000~40,000
  • Time08:30a.m. ~ 20:00p.m.