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Cafe Shingi Saneop

Cafe Shingi Saneop

Ocean view cafe that oversees Yongdo Busanhang Bridge

  • Address2, Wachi-ro 51beon-gil, Yeongdo-gu
  • Tel+82-70-8230-1116



The café is located in Cheonghak-dong, Youngdo. Shingi Saneop began in 1987 as bell manufacturing factory. The company is currently exporting gifts, character goods and office supplies across the world. It built a new office building on December, 2016 and is running stores, café and pubs. The company acquired Moomin product license, so you can buy Moomin products here. The nightscape of Busan Port Bridge from the rooftop of Shingi Saneop is very beautiful.

  • MenuAmericano ₩4,500 / Cafelatte ₩5,000
  • Time11:00a.m. ~ 23:00p.m.