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Pohang Mulhoe

Pohang Mulhoe

The taste that makes to remind once tasted

  • Address42-3, Geojecheon-ro 182beon-gil, Yeonje-gu
  • Tel+82-51-866-0480



Pohang Mulhoe is famous for mulhoe and located near Yeonsan Station in Busan. The restaurant serves raw cuttlefish with seasoned sauce and sliced cucumber, pear and green onions. Mulhoe is made using cuttlefish sashimi during winter and spipefish from fall to spring.

You mix the rice with mulhoe inside the bowl and eat it as lettuce wrap or as bibimbap. They do not pour water separately but let water slips through generously prepared vegetables.

  • MenuHakconchi mulhoe ₩13,000 / Hanchi mulhoe ₩13,000
  • Time11:30a.m. ~ 21:00p.m.