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Jeonggane So yangGopchang

Jeonggane So yangGopchang

One glass of Soju with the chewy texture of intestines

  • Address123 Gwajeong-ro, Yeonje-gu
  • Tel+82-51-753-5887



The restaurant is a yang-gopchang (ox tripe) specialty restaurant that offers chewy and tasty ox tripe dish served with garlic and sesame oil. For side dishes, large intestine, heart, potato, and mushrooms are served. The chewy texture of ox intestine is great to have with drinks.

After eating all the tripe over spicy seasoning made of radish, pepper and onions, try making the left-over seasonings with rice and stir fry them to eat or order spicy gopchang-jeongol (ox tripe pot dish) made by boiling dangmyeon (potato noodle) and ox tripe.

  • MenuGrilled beef tripe ₩9,000 / Jeongol (Stew) ₩30,000
  • Time17:00p.m. ~ 01:30a.m.