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Haewoondae Gaya Milmyeon

Haewoondae Gaya Milmyeon

Taste of meat stock cooked sincerely

  • Address27, Jwadongsunhwan-ro, Haeundae-gu
  • Tel+82-51-747-9405



The restaurant is a milmyeon (buckwheat noodle) specialty restaurant located near Joongdong Station in Haewoondae. The restaurant offers only four dishes, milmyeon, bibimmyeon, onmilmyeon and mandu (dumpling). To make Haewoondae Gaya Milmyeon, they boil together beef brisket, shank, whole ginger, whole onion, and various oriental herbs for 48 hours and age them for 10 months or longer to make broth. If you are in the mood for delicious milmyeon, go to Haewoondae milmyeon.

  • MenuBuckwheat noodle ₩6,500 / Bibim noodle ₩6,500
  • Time09:00a.m. ~ 21:00p.m.