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Cheongdo Halmae Aguzim

Cheongdo Halmae Aguzim

The deep taste is added as you eat

  • Address268, Jaeban-ro, Haeundae-gu
  • Tel+82-51-782-6969



The restaurant is an aguzim specialty restaurant located in Banyeodong in Haewoondae.

Aguzim contains crisp bean sprouts, vegetables and monkfish. More you eat, tastier the food gets. Mulkimchi is delicious, so are other side dishes. In addition to aguzim, you can also enjoy agu-soooyuk, agutang, and daegu-bbolzim.

The great tasting soup of agutang is one of the reasons regular customers come to this restaurant. If you want to taste the deep flavor of aguzim, visit the restaurant.

  • MenuSteamed Monkfish ₩25,000~43,000 / Angler meat ₩40,000~60,000
  • Time10:00a.m. ~ 21:30p.m.