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Mahadopian Only top class Korean beef is served and the class certificate is always kept, so that customer can trust in the quality and enjoy eating. More than anything else, each table receives individual service, guaranteeing a convenient dining experience. The interior has been remodeled to be more elegant and luxurious, so it’s popular among business customers.


  • addressSasang-gu Gwangjang-ro 50
  • subwayLine 2 Sasang Station exit 3 / 500m (5 min walk)
  • time11 : 00~22 : 00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Daegwol Anjip

Daegwol Anjip Daegwol Anjip is famous for its unique Korean beef and neat food table. The kitchen is made with clear glass, so customer can relax and enjoy their food. Various halls are prepared for big or small meetings, so they are used for many special occasions such as family meetings or banquets.


  • addressSasang-gu, Gwangjang-ro 68
  • subwayLine 2 Sasang Station 1 exit 3 / 300m (3 min walk)
  • time11 : 30~22 : 00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Hadong Jaecheopguk

Hadong Jaecheopguk This corbicula soup(Jaecheopguk) specialty restaurant has offered great tastes since 1989. Purely Korean corbicula is selected and brewed to make rich and clean soup. It makes you smile because of their abundance and generosity as well as the clean taste of their food


  • addressSasang-gu, Nakdongdae-ro, 1518th Avenue 33
  • subwayLine 2 Mora Station exit 3 / 1km (10 min walk)
  • time06 : 00~22 : 30 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Gudeok Minsokchon

Gudeok Minsokchon Gentle lighting and a unique log interior create a luxurious and cozy atmosphere. This establishment only serves fresh meat that offers soft and gentle tenderness. The main dish, meat roast in red clay kiln, is a steamed duck with 20 kinds of nuts (ginseng, ginkgo nut, almond, etc.) making it very clean and chewy. The parking lot is large and it is a perfect meeting location.


  • addressSasang-gu, Hakgamdae-ro, 39th Avenue Inner road 15-11
  • subwaywhen using Bus 161, 8, 67, 15, get off on Daenam Hospital Station
  • time10 : 00~22 : 00

Geumho Hoet Jip

Geumho Hoet Jip This sushi restaurant became even more famous because it doesn’t have a food menu. There is no set menu for customers to order, but it varies day by day according to the seafood caught for cooking. It offers all natural raw fish ingredients that come from close to the ocean, so it’s very fresh and chewy. Also, this restaurant’s special dish is cod soup, famous for its clean and rich taste of Gadeok cod and Myeongji green-onion. It has an unbelievable taste.


  • addressGangseo-gu, Myeongjisaedongnae-gil, 1st Avenue 62
  • subwayLine 1 Hadan Station exit 7 → use Myeongji Shuttle Bus course 3, get off on Myeongjisaedongnae, 200m (within 1-2 min walk)
  • time11 : 00~22 : 00

Baekkop Ppajin Gogi

Baekkop Ppajin Gogi The form of combining a butcher’s shop and a restaurant allows customer to purchase natural beef and taste it there also. Roasting pan made by connecting bamboo trees is famous, and the restaurant also grows vegetables organically. The charcoal smell and bamboo scent followed the natural beef, making the live and rich taste of meat. Ganghwa-Do pure radish kimchi is famous and more than four kinds of chives soy sauce pickles are also provided according to the season.


  • addressGangseo-Gu, Sunagangbyeon-Gil 96
  • subwayLine 1 Hadan Station get on the Bus from Haeyang Hospital (toward Gangseo Police Station)
  • time11 : 30~22 : 00

So Dam Jae

So Dam Jae Hand-made soybean paste, salted fish, soy sauce and solar salt are used after roasting in the kiln. Yeonbab formal dinner, famous for clean and healthy taste, is neat and filled with devotion; no side dish lacks effort. Having the meaning of small pond, So Dam Jae is decorated with clay dolls, wild flowers, and Saengchal ceramics, having a simple and gentle charm just as its name.


  • addressGangseo-gu, Jaedo-ro 267
  • subwayLine 1 Hadan Station exit 3 → transfer to Shuttle Bus 15, get off in front of Sodamjae
  • time11 : 30~20 : 30 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Hwanggeum O-rial

Hwanggeum O-rial In the best environment of raising duckling hatching to breeding, it’s grown with good care, making the meat tender, very chewy and soft. A sulfur component is added in the special feed. It’s helpful to detoxify harmful poison inside the body and prevent adult disease. Steamed medicinal duck, vegetable Shabu-Shabu, Duck roast, Seasoned duck roast, tang, and jeongol are their specialties.


  • addressGangseo-gu Jedo-ro 667
  • subwayLine 1 Hadan Station exit 1 → transfer to New Shuttle Bus 15 and get off in front of Sanggok Community Center
  • time10 : 00~22 : 00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays and the day before