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Dongyang Garden

Dongyang Garden This restaurant specializes in BBQ Bossam and the charcoal grilled beef using the smoked meat without any grease, differentiating from other regular boiled beef Bossam. Using Korean Tae Yang Cho hot sauce for the Bossam Kimchi expresses the taste of spice and even adds sweetness bringing more appetites. Seasoning each pork meat by hands as well as beef meat is very well known and the cold noodles made of the special noodle sauce makes even delicious.



  • addressGijang-gun, Gijang-eup, Bansong-ro 1550
  • subwayTake Bus 188 at Dongnae Station, Get off at Ijin Themevile Apartment
  • time10 : 00~22 : 00 Closed on the New Year’s day and Chuseok holidays

Toam Dojagi Gongwon

Toam Dojagi Gongwon In small quiet woods, you can enjoy a relaxed meal while enjoying the view of 2002 tows and art works. Served with one full table with various side dishes, and a croaker with a tasty, spicy miso soup brings more excellent to the taste. To-Am Music festivals that are held on October 31st every year, makes more cultural space and place for all the people to enjoy together


  • addressGijang-gun, Gijang-eup, Daebyeon-ro 107-27
  • subwayTake Bus 181 at Haewundae Station, get off at Muyang village, walk 200m (1~2min walk)
  • time12 : 00~21 : 00 Closed on New Year’s day and Chuseok holidays

Gamasot Saengbokjip

Gamasot Saengbokjip Well known for the green rough-backed puffer fish and Spicy Fish Stew which are made from fresh ingredients caught from the East Sea as well as the geography. Raw ingredients are used for the entire menu serving fresh materials directly on the spot, leaving nothing in the stock. Excellent hearty and spicy taste with sufficient and plenty of be efy puffer fish attracting even more customers


  • addressGijang-gun, Gijang-eup, Chaseong-ro 327-2
  • subwayHaeundae station Bus 1005, Take off at Gijang Market and walk 500m ahead (5min walk)
  • time9 : 30~22 : 00 Closed on New Year’s day and Chuseok holidays

Heuk Si Ru

Heuk Si Ru Only natural seasoning, made with the recipe handed down for three generations, natural sauce and extracts are used to flavor the food here. Cooking each day’s food with care is their principle. Not only the clean and chewy duck, a royal table that only the king ate in the olden times, but also the ground steamer table containing the old taste of countryside cuisine are also available to experience various tastes. Also along with the traditional housing, you can watch ceramics of Korea and Chosun ages, so it’s also a great way for children to experience the tradition.


  • addressGijang-gun, Gijang-eup, Chaseong-ro, 451st Avenue 28
  • subwayBusan Station, Haeundae Beach Station 1003 Express Bus, Seomyeon 1005 Express Bus _ Take of at Gyori Elementary School and walk 300m ahead (3 min walk)
  • time11 : 00~22 : 00

Ilgwang Daebokjip

Ilgwang Daebokjip This blowfish specialty restaurant doesn’t use any artificial flavors and only uses natural ingredients. The clean and clear soup of natural striped puffer and spicy taste of moontail puffer are famous. The important priority of this blowfish specialty restaurant is safety and cleanliness, so it has an open kitchen for customers who can trust the quality and enjoy their food. Salted sea squirt, chewy blowfish skin salad, and stingray salad as side dishes are served to uplift the taste


  • addressGijang-gun Ilgwang-myeon Ilgwang-ro 111-3
  • subwayLine 2 Haeundae Station, use Bus 180, 1006, get off on Ilgwang Station
  • time6 : 30~21 : 30

Ilgwang Susan Hoet Jip

Ilgwang Susan Hoet Jip Sitting in a room where the ocean can be seen, you can enjoy fresh natural live fish fillet. It’s the main sushi restaurant of Gijang-gun. Large and thick raw fish has a chewy taste and tenderness. Also, small sushi rice for instant sushi and barnacle stew made with small clam seafood barnacle are popular choices in this restaurant


  • addressGijang-gun, Ilgwang-myun, Hakli-gil 29-1
  • subwayLine 2 Haeundae Station, use Bus 180, 1006, get off on Ilgwang Station → Shuttle Bus Gijang 2, get off on Hakli Station 700m (7 min walk)
  • time10 : 00~22 : 00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Midong Amsojeong

Midong Amsojeong Midong Amsojeong is a Korean beef specialty restaurant where you can experience the true taste of Korean beef, together with the peace of nature. It’s located in Cheolma-Myeon, which is famous for great natural scenery. And it only handles top class Korean beef. Natural beef that is fermented at low temperatures is filled with rich meat stock and chewy tenderness. It is roasted on a charcoal fire, so the smell and taste are also excellent. Soybean paste and nurungji soup are also delicacies of their savory taste


  • addressGijang-gun, Cheolma-myeon, Midong-gil 19
  • subwayLine 1 Guseodong Station exit 2 / 1.5km (15 min walk)
  • time10 : 00~21 : 30