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Sanseong Changnyeongjip

Sanseong Changnyeongjip Located on the edge of the Geumjeong Mountain, where the air, water and generosity are overflowing, this restaurant offers Busan traditional local dishes boasting a unique generosity and savory taste. The local dishes, such as black goat bulgogi and duck buglgogi, and boiled chicken, are their specialties. They use black goat, lettuce, sesame leaf, cabbage and other vegetables they grew themselves to serve customers


  • addressGeumjeong-gu, Sanseong-ro 520
  • subwayLine 1 Oncheonjang Station exit 3, use Express Bus 203 across the street (get off on Sanseong Gonghae Town)
  • time9:00~22:00(Last orders at 9pm) open all year around

Gijang Bang-u Hoet Jip

Gijang Bang-u Hoet Jip This sushi restaurant is diligent on the fundamentals. It’s famous for its fresh and thick raw fish. As you chew more and more, it gives a savory taste, turning new customers into faithful patrons. The assorted raw fish of soft shell clam, red sea-bream, halibut, bass (fall), and crupper stick (winter) is so popular that a great number of people come to take it home. Also, hot fish stew with its adequately sweet and spicy taste at the and is also another recommended dish that cannot be left out in this restaurant


  • addressGeumjeong-gu, Geumjeong-ro, 20th Avenue 10
  • subwayLine 1 Busan National Univ. Station exit 1 toward Oncheonjang 700m (7 min walk), use Bus 100, 51, 8, 144, get off on Geumjeong Elementary School
  • time4:00~22:00

Geum Seong

Geum Seong The restaurant boasts its verified taste of black goat course cuisine in Korean Food Competition in 2007. The restaurant staff, who have more than 18 different cooking licenses, outstanding restaurant service, and many years of know-how provide professional and systematic service and food as good as medicine. The gridiron roast cooked on charc oal fire keeps the flame scent and comes out perfectly cooked, so there’s no need of worrying about smoke or smell


  • addressGeumjeong-gu, Sanseong-ro 443
  • subwayLine 1 Oncheonjang Station exit 3 → use Express Bus 203 across the street, get off on Seoul Supermarket, Hwamyeong-Dong Shuttle Bus 1 → get off on Daegu House
  • time10:00~22:00

Hyundae Garden

Hyundae Garden The restaurant insists on only using Sanseong town’s high land vegetables and Korean ingredients to boast a fresh and rich taste. Especially, whole pork belly charcoal barbecue reduces all oil, making it clean and savory. The skin is crunchy and the inside is soft and tender. Black goat, duck and chicken cuisine, green-onion pancake, and acorn jello are on sale, and the restaurant has large and small rooms, perfect for group events. Reservation is also possible by Internet


  • addressGeumjeong-gu, Sanseong-ro 510
  • subwayLine 1 Oncheonjang Station exit 3, use Express Bus 203 across the street, get off on Sanseong Gonghae Town
  • time900~21:00 open all year around

San Seong Jip

San Seong Jip This local dish specialty restaurant has operated for more than five generations, serving black goat charcoal roast, duck bulgogi, Korean chicken, and Sanseong tosan liquor. It has been registered as a Busan local dish designated restaurant in 2002 Asian Game. Not only black goat and duck, savory acorn jello and fresh and crunchy wild green vegetables (varying according to season) are famous for their excellence. For group banquet occasion, transportation is also offered for free.


  • addressGeumjeong-gu, Sanseong-ro 524
  • subwayLine 1 Oncheonjang Station exit 3, use Express Bus 203 across the street, get off on Sanseong Gonghae Town
  • time10:00~21:00

Pungnyeon O-ri Baksa

Pungnyeon O-ri Baksa Ten kinds of our agricultural ingredients including black sesame, Chinese pearl barley, mung bean, millet, sorghum, jujube, taro, and ginseng are used to cook the famous Cheongsu duck black stew. You can feel the uniquely soft meat tenderness and restore your energy, catching two birds with one stone. If you want to order the red clay sulfur duck roast and smoked whole duck, you need to make a reservation ahead to save time.


  • addressGeumjeong-Gu, Cheongryong-Ro 40
  • subwayLine 1 Beomeosa Station exit 7 / 500m (5 min walk), take a bus 80, 148, 49 Beomeosa Entrance, get off on Samsin traffic terminal.
  • time10:00~22:00 / closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Busan Appkujung Hanu Galbi

Busan Appkujung Hanu Galbi This Korean beef specialty restaurant has a 19-year tradition. It contains 1/4 of fat, triple amount of protein, and abundant mineral elements, so it’s chewy and savory. Meat is savory and tasty and has chewy tenderness. The luxurious interior, use of brass chopsticks, and separated room spaces offer a convenient and joyful time. The sea soned raw crab side dish is also famous


  • addressGeumjeong-gu, Cheongryong-ro 61
  • subwayLine 1 Beomeosa Station exit 7 / 1km (10 min walk)
  • time11:00~22:00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays


Gabin Low-priced, fresh food that has no artificial sweeteners or harmful food additives is the rule at this establishment. Only Korea ingredients are used and daily fresh natural seafood is used as main ingredients. Traditional paste and natural seasonings are used to cook the food, so the taste is clean and savory.


  • addressDongnae-gu, Geumganggongwon-ro 37-1
  • subwayLine 1 OncheonjangStation exit 1 1km (10 min walk)
  • time11:30 ~ 22:00 Info by phone on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays (may vary)

Dongnae Byeoljang

Dongnae Byeoljang This course cuisine specialty restaurant allows you to taste traditional royal cuisine. With a 110year tradition, the wooden building preserves the time it went through, so it’s elegant and classy. Moreover, there is an inner garden and large walking trail, so you can enjoy a relaxed meal in a luxurious place. Various food courses and nutritious rice in bamboo bowls made with all kinds of 5 grains, jujube, ginkgo nut, and chestnut are the pride of Dongnae Byeoljang.


  • addressDongnae-gu, Geumgang-ro 123rd Avenue12
  • subwayLine 1 Oncheonjang Station exit 1 / 1km(10 min walk), (Bus) Seomyeon 77, 80 Songjeong 131, 100, 100-1, get off on Oncheonjang entrance
  • timeLunch / 12:00~15:00, Dinner / 18:00~21:30

Dongnae Samgye-tang

Dongnae Samgye-tang Whitely brewed soup looks delicious. The taste is so rich, hot and tasty, that many people come here after they fell in love with the taste. In the boiling earthen pot, large and plentiful chicken, Korean sweet rice and rice are fully packed. Just with one bowl, you feel stuffed and energized. When you order a Samgye-tang, ginseng liquor is also served to relieve your hot stomach


  • addressDongnae-gu, Dongnae-ro, 116th Avenue 39
  • subwayLine 1 Dongnae Station exit 4 / 1km(10 min walk)
  • time11:30~21:00 / 2nd, 3rd and 4th Mondays of every month and and Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays, no closing in peak season(Jun~Aug)
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