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Gawon Spicy and delicate soybean paste stew, lotusscented lotus leaf rice, spicy natural cutlass fish stew, and clean and soft meat are famous for their delicate taste. It’s located on the 9th floor of Lotte Department Store, so traffic is convenient and the price is low. Not only parking, but also there is the added advantage of shopping and enjoying cultural life at the same time


  • addressBusanjin-gu, Gayadae-ro 772 Lotte Department Store 9th floor
  • subwayLine 2 Seomyeon Station exit 7 Lotte Department Store
  • time10:30~21:00 closed on department store closed day and Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays and the day after

Ari Hanjeongsik

Ari Hanjeongsik Neat and clean traditional Korean food is prepared wholeheartedly at Ari Korean Table. Antique floors, hardwood tables and quiet and cozy separate rooms are perfect for family meetings and all kinds of events. Also, one of attractions is their special lunch menu of abundant and stomach-satisfying Korean table only with 12,000 KRW


  • addressBusanjin-gu Gayadae-ro 785
  • subwayLine 2 Seomyeon Station exit 9 right across the street
  • time12:00~22:00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays and the day before

Galbi 42beonga

Galbi 42beonga You can have a meal while enjoying the atmosphere for a peaceful garden. You can see the waterfall over the window in your seat and colorful bright lighting and fresh plants calm your mind. Luxurious and convenient interior dining environment embraces all generations. Honest prices, excellent meat tenderness, friendly service and various addit ional facilities add to the great charm that only Rib 42nd Avenue is equipped with


  • addressBusanjin-gu Bujeon-ro 57
  • subwayLine 2 Seomyeon Station exit 7 / 600m inside through 2-lane road next to Lotte Hotel (wihtin 15
  • time11:00~3:00 open all year around

Ma Dang Jip

Ma Dang Jip Garden House boasts 10 years of tradition. They insist on only serving sintoburi purely Korean beef, directly delivered from the origin; thus it provides soft and clean meat tenderness. Delicious dolsotbab made with sweet rice, black beans, adzuki beans, chestnuts, jujube, green beans, and walnuts as well as the soybean paste stew (made with t heir own soybean paste) are their delicacies. 300 seats, including various halls of banquet hall and a seminar room, are available


  • addressBusanjin-gu, Bujeon-ro 69
  • subwayLine 2 Seomyeon Station exit 7, across from West Entrance of Seomyeon Lotte Hotel
  • time10:00~22:30 open all year around

Modumodu Nongwon

Modumodu Nongwon Everyone can enjoy diverse foods and the best service together in this restaurant, where even the customer’s health is cared for. Only Korean top quality pork and duck are used and natural ingredients uplift the taste. Wide grass garden, well-maintained trees, and wondumak make you even feel like dining in nature. The large parking lot and event hall, which holds more than 100 people at the same time, are available.


  • addressBusanjin-gu, Saessak-ro 227
  • subwaywhen using Bus 81/138/63/44, get off on Sanggwangsa Entrance Station (500m before Choeup Children’s Park)
  • time11:30~22:30 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays and the day before

Sa Mi Heon

Sa Mi Heon APEC has selected it as 5-star World restaurant in 2005 and it is one of 100 restaurants representing Korea by Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2007, receiving recognition of its taste and service. Only top class Korean beef is used, so you can enjoy the top quality soft and savory taste of meat. Also, special Korean beef mushrooms Shabu-Sha bu of fresh and various Korean mushrooms and clean stock are popular


  • addressBusanjin-gu Seomyeonmunhwa-Ro 19
  • subwayLine 1, 2 Seomyeon Station exit 9 / 500m (5 min walk)
  • time11:30~22:30 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Jeil Hoet Jip

Jeil Hoet Jip Only raw fish delivered directly from its origin is handled and the fresh and savory tastes are prepared with years of experience. Side dishes made with fresh ingredients and various seafood are abundantly served. Traffic is convenient and it can hold up to 200 people, so many groups, various events and meetings are held here.


  • addressBusanjin-gu Seomyeonmunhwa-Ro 24
  • subwayLine 1, 2 Seomyeon Station exit 9 / 500m (5 min walk)
  • time10:00 ~ 07:00(the next day) closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays and the day before

Geup Haeng Jang

Geup Haeng Jang This charcoal rib roast specialty restaurant shows the unique taste of Korean beef with 60 years of tradition. As the first in Busan, it has been registered as ‘Korean beef selling certified restaurant’ certified by the National Korean Beef Association. Only the top class of Korean beef is used and the class certificate is posted up daily, allowing customer to trust the highest quality while dining. A neat and clean interior and large seating area are perfect for all kinds of meetings and events.


  • addressBusanjin-gu, Seomyeonmunhwa-Ro 4
  • subwayLine 1, 2 Seomyeon Station exit 9 / 300m (3 min walk)
  • time10:30~22:00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Wonjo Halmae Nakgi

Wonjo Halmae Nakgi This stir-fried small octopus specialty restaurant has 50 years of tradition and is famous for its unique spicy taste. The specialty is chewy small octopus with natural seasoning made of 17 ingredients harmonized to create clean and savory taste. The 1st generation grandmother, the original cook of stir-fried small octopus, makes the marinade herself, boasting a constant special taste for 50 years


  • addressBusanjin-gu, Jayupyeonghwa-ro, 1st Avenue12
  • subwayLine 2 Beonil Station exit 10 / 300m (3 min walk)
  • time10:00~21:00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays and the day before