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I Dae Gam

I Dae Gam The colorful sheets covering the ceilings, a huge aquarium under the floors with the interior decorated with woods, show an appearance of the Palace of the Sea. Using the healthy ingredients from Jecheon, Gangweondo, with the self-made sauce, they have developed the well being royal court cuisine. In addition, the traditional Korean songs played delightfully add more taste to the foods.


  • addressJung-gu, 138 Daecheong-ro 5-1 Street
  • subwayLine 1, Jungang Station Exit5 / 200m (2 min walk), In Daewoo Finance Street
  • time11:00~22:00 Closed on New Year’s Day and Chuseok holidays

Seokhwa Hanjeongsik

Seokhwa Hanjeongsik An Oyster Korean traditional Korean Restaurant serves the Korean traditional foods as a course meal and shows the clean taste for not using the artificial MSG. The interior of a private room is decorated with tiles expressing an antique atmosphere, and even the gold jade floors represent the sensation of the traditional Korean house. The steam ed perillamelanian snail and the susu-bukkumi are the popular menus in the oyster traditional Korean Restaurant


  • addressDong-gu, Jobang-ro 21
  • subwayLine 1 Beom-il station Exit 2 / 300m, (3min walk) across the Chukbok wedding hall.
  • time12:00~21:30 New Year’s days, and Chuseok holidays (3days) closed.

Cham Sut Gol

Cham Sut Gol This restaurant is separated into the main hall and annex and you can choose the place according to the type of meeting. Plentiful portions of delicious and good quality meat are served at low prices, so people keep coming to enjoy it. They also have a gold point card; anyone can sign up for the card and save up to 3% of paid amount. And the p oints can be used as cash in the measure of 10,000 KRW


  • addressDong-gu, Jobang-ro, 49th Avenue 25
  • subwayLine 1 Beomildong Station exit 2 / 200m (2 min walk)
  • time10:30~22:30 / closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays and the day before (may vary)

Je Ju Ga

Je Ju Ga Je Ju Ga captures the appetite of fastidious Japanese tourists. You can taste Jeju traditional food here. Inside the savory abalone stew, large chunks of abalone stimulate the appetite and sea mustard soup with sea urchin boasts a clean soup taste. Fresh raw abalone and abalone fillet are a unique delicacy only served in Je Ju Ga


  • addressJung-gu, Gwangbok-ro, 85th Avenue 8
  • subwayLine 1 Nampodong Station exit 3,5,7 / 200m (3 min walk) on foreign bookstore alley within Gwangbok-Ro entrance
  • time07:00~21:00 open all year around

Yeong Bin Gwan

Yeong Bin Gwan The inside wood interior, which reproduces a traditional beauty, gives off an atmosphere of a high quality Korean-style house. The food is clean and is not provocative, so even foreigners who try Korean food for the first time can enjoy it without a problem. In addition, the food is served on brass plates and white porcelain, providing a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds


  • addressJung-gu, Gwangbok-ro, 97th Avenue 17
  • subwayLine 1 Nampodong Station exit 7 / 300m (within 5 min walk) next to Busan Hotel
  • time10:00~22:00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok 3-day holidays

Seoul Kkakdugi

Seoul Kkakdugi Seoul Kkakdugi is the place where people continuously visit for long time because of its incredible taste. The savory taste of soup cooked by brewing Korean beef bones and meat for long time is top class. Their little sweet kimchi and kkakdugi, which no one can easily imitate, play the leading roles in maintaining Seoul Kkadugi’s fame.


  • addressJung-gu, Gudeok-ro, 34th Avenue 10
  • subwayLine 1 Nampodong Station exit 1,3 / 200m (3 min walk) toward Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street
  • time7:00~21:30 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays and the day before

Nampo Samgye-tang

Nampo Samgye-tang Nampo Samgye-tang is a Samgye-tang specialty restaurant with 50 years of tradition and is popular not only among Busan natives but also foreign tourists. This Samgye-tang, which has less oil and a clean, deep soup taste, was introduced in 2011 Michelin Guide Green Book. The electrically cooked chicken is also one of the delicacies along with their Samgye-tang, making this place continuously popular


  • addressJung-gu Nampo-gil 16-1
  • subwayLine 1 Nampodong Station exit 7 / 500m (5 min walk) behind Phoenix Hotel
  • time10:00~22:00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays and the day before

Seoul Samgye-tang

Seoul Samgye-tang Founded in 1960, Seoul Samgye-tang uses chicken neck and leg and all kinds of plant medicine to brew a thick beef stock. It’s thoroughly boiled with soft young chicken and green onion and a garnish with pine nut, peanut, and perilla. Many kinds of Samgye-tang according to the medicinal ingredients and various snacks made with chicken are served with alcohol, so you can enjoy various treats


  • addressJung-gu, Nampo-gil 36
  • subwayLine 1 Nampodong Station exit 1,3 / 200m (3 min walk) toward Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street 1 block
  • time9:00~23:00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Gong Won Jip

Gong Won Jip Gong Won Jip, Korea’s traditional cuisine·rib specialty restaurant selected by Busan city, gives you the rich taste of 42-year tradition in a snug and elegant atmosphere. Korean table, lamb intestine and ribs are the main menu items of Park House. The natural taste of the ingredients is enhanced with strictly selected ingredients and seasoning that doesn’t contain any artificial flavors.


  • addressJung-gu, Daecheong-ro, 126th Avenue 20
  • subwayLine 1 Nampodong Station exit 7 / 400m (5 min walk) toward Yongdusan Park, above Busan Hotel
  • time11:30~22:00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Gu Po Jip

Gu Po Jip The most distinguished dish of this hometown restaurant with 54 years of experience offering traditional tastes is the Gyeongsangdo style chueotang. This loach soup is filled with all sorts of vegetables and outer leaves. This speciality is finished with soybean paste and soy sauce, which are made by traditional methods every year, adding a clean taste. Also blowfish soup, one of the other prominent specialties of Gupo House, is also another delicacy that cannot be left out.


  • addressJung-gu, Bosudae-ro, 36th Avenue 14-1
  • subwayLine 1 Jagalchi Station exit 3 / 600m (5 min walk) alley across Bupyeong Market
  • time9:00~21:00
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