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Wonjo Halmae Bokguk

no images If you are hungry for a bowl of clean Puffer Fish Soup, I would recommend Original Grandma’s Puffer Fish Soup, located on Mipo, the end of the beautiful Haeundae beach. Their Puffer Fish meat is famous for its soft and clean taste, so it’s always a popular place. High quality Puffer Fish is used to keep the natural taste the boiled Puffer Fish and the clear and clean taste of Puffer Fish Soup are the most famous


  • address1, Dalmaji-gil 62beon-gil, Haeundae-gu
  • subwayLine 2 Jungdong Station exit 7 / 700m (within 10 min walk) Mipo five-way intersection, Dalmaji-Gil entrance
  • time06:00~23:00 open all year around

Dae Jang Geum

no images Dae Jang Geum, located in Haeundae, is a traditional Korean table course cuisine specialty restaurant. Buan’s specialty, Gomso salty fish with a seasoning paste made from the clean water of Jirisan Moutain Hamyang, offers a true taste of Korea. The large hall of around 830 m2 with Korean traditional beauty is perfect to serve precious guest s and family meetings.


  • address32, Jwadong-ro 14beon-gil, Haeundae-gu
  • subwayLine 2 Jungdong Station exit 4 / 300m (3 min walk) right alley from Thunder Lighting
  • time10:00~22:00 Closed on 2nd and 4th Mondays every month and Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays and the day before

Da On

no images Da on Korean table is a ‘medicinal Korean table specialty restaurant’, which adds various healthy ingredients (such as ginseng and medicinal herbs) and reorganizes it into delicious modern tastes. In addition to the healthy wellbeing ingredients, citron, beet, cucumber and other naturally colored ingredients are added to give a beautiful color and clean taste. Particularly, food is put in beautiful plate arrangements, designed by the renowned ceramic designer, adding visual flair to the food.


  • address154, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu
  • subwayLine 2 Dongbaek Station exit 1 / 500m (5 min walk) toward Marine City
  • time11:30~22:00


no images All sorts of organic vegetables, grown in the roof garden, and delicious-looking side dishes are the boasts and specialities of the Haeunsagye. With cuisine recipes initiated from experts in each area, each dish is cooked earnestly and prepared in a brass bowl. The stylish interior of high quality traditional Korean paper and classy lighting is impressive.


  • address71, Gunam-ro 8beon-gil, Haeundae-gu
  • subwayLine 2 Haeundae Station exit 7 / 400m (5 min walk) right side of Beach gas station byway
  • time10:00~22:00 closed on Lunar New Years and Chuseok holidays and the day after

Ye Yi Je

no images Ye Yi Je's indoor interior creates the modern image of a Korean-style house, offering a dignified traditional atmosphere. Unique and various Korean traditional cuisines are nicely prepared in high quality brass bowls, so it's a popular place for foreigners who look for Korean traditional food. It was also introduced in 2011 Michelin Guide Green Book.


  • address16-16, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu
  • subwayLine 2 Haeundae Station exit 5 / 1km (within 15 min walk) 4th floor across Pale De Cz
  • timeclosed on Lunar New Years and Chuseok holidays and the day before

Haeundae Samgye-tang

no images One bowl of boiling Samgye-tang is not comparable to any restorative medicine. Haeundae Samgye-tang, located near the Haeundae hot spring, became famous by visitors who came to enjoy the hot spring in the past. Their famous, soft and chewy native young chicken is cooked with chestnuts, jujube, ginseng, sweet rice and other ingredients to provide a tasty, nutritious, and healthy meal


  • address6, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu
  • subwayLine 2 Haeundae Station exit 1, Jungdong Station exit 9 toward Haeundae intersection
  • time09:00~21:30 closed on Lunar New Years and Chuseok 3-day holidays

Geobukseon Hoet Jip

no images You can feel the cool waves of sound and the smell of the sea and enjoy a meal in the Geobukseon Hoet Jip (Turtle Ship Sliced Raw Fish Restaurant . It has helped preserve the traditions and tastes for two generations. Only fresh fish is served. With a red pepper paste made by hand, many seasonings are mixed and aged for 6 months to prepare the red pepper paste with vinegar, to stimulate the mouth with a savory taste. Vegetables raised in their own garden add more freshness.


  • address69, Dalmaji-gil 62beon-gil, Haeundae-gu
  • subwayLine 2 Jungdong Station exit 7 / 1.4km (20 min walk) or use taxi
  • time11:00~23:00 closed on Lunar New Years and Chuseok holidays

Geumsu Bokguk

no images In 1970, Geumsu Puffer Fish Soup invented Puffer Fish Soup served in an earthen pot for the first time and it has kept their traditional taste for 42 years. Its characteristics are the freshness of the original ingredients and all of their sauces and pastes are prepared by hand. The crunchy bean sprouts and soft Puffer Fish fillet harmonize to stimulate the appetite. The clean and stuffing soup is perfect for relieving a hangover.


  • address23, Jungdong 1-ro 43beon-gil, Haeundae-gu
  • subwayLine 2 Haeundae Station exit 1 / 700m (within 10min walk) in front of Seoul Oncheon Hotel rear entrance
  • timeclosed on Lunar New Years and Chuseok holidays

Haeundae Somunnan Amso Galbi

no images Since its foundation in 1964, this famous place has kept incredible tastes alive for two generations. Its antique tiled roof and pebble yard make you feel the atmosphere of the old house. Only the top class Korean beef is selected and served fresh with its own special salt sauce. The potato noodles served with the beef stock is also a delicacy that cannot be left out.


  • addressHaeundae-gu, Jungdong-2-ro, 10th Avenue
  • subwayLine 2 Haeundae Station exit 1, Jungdong Station exit 9 / 800m (within 10 min walk) toward Haeundae Oncheon intersection
  • time11:00~22:00 closed on Lunar New Years and

Geumo Hoet Jip

no images Geumo Sliced Raw Fish Restaurant is located on the Cheongsapo Beach, famous for its wide-open scenery. It is a famous Sliced Raw Fish restaurant with 40 years of history. The friendly service and in room service make you feel like home. All sauces and pastes are prepared by hand and the fish dajin yangnyeom (smash up seasoning), which is made with fish fillet and sauce, is served as the restaurant's delicacy


  • address62, Cheongsapo-ro 58beon-gil, Haeundae-gu
  • subwayLine 2 Jangsan Station exit 1 Use shuttle bus 2 and get off at Cheongsapo
  • time10:00~22:30 closed on Lunar New Years and Chuseok holidays
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