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The beauty of BUSAN is yours to SEE

Gadeokdo Lighthouse

Gadeokdo Lighthouse An old lighthouse with a 100-year history and a modern lighthouse built in 2002 co-exist here. They show a mixture of Korean, Japanese and European architectural styles, incorporating plum flower designs and the Gothic architectural style. The original shape of the structure remains mostly intact


  • address1237, Gadeokaean-ro, Gangseo-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 1 Hadan Station (Exit 3) → Bus 58 → get off bus at Unimax → ferry for Gadeokdo at Noksan Wharf → Lighthouse Wharf

BUSAN New Port

BUSAN New Port This is a new industrial center of Busan, aspiring to become the logistics hub of Northeast Asia. The wishes of those with global dreams brighten up the nights of this port. The ocean-going vessels advancing to a world beyond the sea inspire us to dream of discovering that world for ourselves


  • address312, Garak-daero, Gangseo-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 1 Hadan Station (Exit 3) → Bus 58 → get off bus at Busan New Port

Geoga Bridge

Geoga Bridge Opened in December, 2010, the 8.2km tunnel/bridge project connects Gadeokdo, Busan and Geoje, Gyengnam. Geoga Bridge has shortened by 80km the distance between Busan and Geoje, as well as the journey time from more than two hours to less than one. Distribution costs will be cut by more than 400 billion won, with the savings on time and transpo rtation costs. This will contribute to revitalizing the economy of Busan as well as strengthening its international competitiveness


  • addressGadeokdo Cheonseong-dong Gangseo-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 1 Hadan (Exit 3 & 5) → Bus 58 → Busan New Port Wharf → 9km to Gadeokdo