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The delights of BUSAN is yours to ENJOY

Gijang Anchovy Festival

Gijang Anchovy Festival This is a fascinating seafood festival unique to the port of Daebyeon. It takes place in the spring and is one of the most famous festivals in the country. The festival, in clear skies with the refreshing sea, cheerful people and soaring sea gulls, is full of life and will greet you with a hearty welcome


  • addressIn the area of Daebyeon Port, Gijang-gun
  • timeHeld in mid-April annually

Songjeong Seaside Fetival

The Songjeong Seaside Festival, full of romance and memories, gives you the enjoyment of viewing various events as well as the pleasure of experiencing them in person. Immerse yourself in the passion of this festival. It will make your summer all the more exhilarating


  • addressIn the Songjeong Beach area
  • timeHeld in early August annually

Songjeong Seaweed Festival

At this festival, you can enjoy seaweed produced in Seongjeong to try free of charge. Held around the Jeongwol Daeboreum (the fifteenth day of January in the lunar calendar, which is traditionally a festive occasion in Korea), this festival is full of the warm friendship of a small fishing village


  • addressIn the Songjeong Beach area.
  • timeEarly February.