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Beomeosa Temple

Beomeosa Temple Located on the lower slopes of Geumjeongsan Mountain Beomeosa Temple has a long history. It was built over 1,300 years ago during the reign of King Munmu of the Shilla Dynasty by Eusang Daesa (a Buddhist Master). It is one of the three largest Buddhist temples in the Yeongnam area, along with Haeinsa Temple and Tongdosa Temple. Various historic rel ics exist in the temple, including the Daewoongjeon (the main wing of the temple) which was designated as National Treasure 434, Iljumun, and a 3-storey stone pagoda

Temple Stay

Those who want to have a break in their busy lives can do just that at Hyuhyu Jeongsa of Beomeosa Temple, which offers a “temple stay”program. The program includes experiencing Zen meditation, the 108 bows, tea ceremonies and Buddhist martial arts. It helps you forget the mundane worries and stress of daily life.<br><br> Hyuhyu Jeongsa can be reached at: 508-5726.


  • address250, Beomeosa-ro, Geumjeong-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 1 Beomeosa Station(Exit 5) → Bus 90 → Beomeosa Temple

Chungnyeolsa Shrine

Chungnyeolsa Shrine Chungnyeolsa Shrine in BUSAN enshrines the spirits of the patriotic forefathers who fell while fighting the Japanese invaders during the Iimjin Waeran (1592 Japanese Invasion). There are good walking paths and resting spaces in the grounds. Traditional style wedding ceremonies are often held here


  • addressJiha 205, Bansong-ro, Dongnae-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 4 Chungnyeolsa Station (Exit 1)

Dongnae Eupseong Fortress(site)

Dongnae Eupseong Fortress(site) The site of the ferocious battle that look place in the early stage of the Imjin Waeran (Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592), located above Bokcheon Museum, is visited by many tourists


  • address18, Dongnaeyeoksagwan-gil, Dongnae-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 1 Dongnae Station (Exit 1) → take Bus No.6 and get off at the Bokcheon Museum stop → go straight 50m

Bokcheon Museum & Bokcheondong Gobungun(ancient tombs)

Bokcheon Museum & Bokcheondong Gobungun(ancient tombs) This museum, erected next to Dongnae Bokcheondong Gobungun, is the representative ancient tomb in the Three Kingdom period. Bokcheondong Gobungun tombs date from the 4th~6th Century(Gaya penod) so they are the perfect place to experience the life of the past, observing the displayed artifacts of the Three Kingdom period excavated from the tomb s

Dongnae Shell Mound

Dongnae Shell Mound was created in the Samhan period. Many earthen ware pots, tools made of animals bones and iron have been discovered. It is presumed to have been made in the 3rd to 4th Century. The amount of relics are quite large and their quality is the also the finest.<br>100-18 Nakmin-dong, Dongnae-gu


  • address63, Bokcheon-ro, Dongnae-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 1 Dongnae Station (Exit 1) → take Bus No.6 → get off at the Bokcheon Museum stop → go straight 50m