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The flavors of BUSAN is yours to TASTE

Changseon-dong Meokja Golmok

Changseon-dong Meokja Golmok Nowhere else can you find a place where you can have such a choice of delicious food. The Chungmu Kimbab (a sort of seaweed roll), bibimbab (cooked rice mixed with hot-pepper paste, vegetables and ground beef), and pajeon (Korean scallion pizza) you eat rubbing shoulders with the person sitting next to you, are absolutely delicious


  • addressGwangbok-ro, Jung-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 1 Jagalchi (Exit 7) → 200m to Gwabgbokro and turn right → toward Changseonsamgeori

Bupyeongdong Jokbal Golmok

Bupyeongdong Jokbal Golmok This is a small alley where over 10 restaurants specializing in jokbal (pork hock) are located. All the restaurants are full of people. The most popular item on the menu is naengchae jokbal, a cold mixture of pork hock, cucumber, jelly fish and crab meat with a sour and sweet taste


  • addressBupyeong-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 1 Jagalchi Station (Exit 7) → Gwangbokro → proceed towards Bupyeong IC

Jagalchi Gomjangeo Golmok

Jagalchi Gomjangeo Golmok In a small alley at the edge of Jagalchi Market, are a number of pojangmacha (mobile cart bars) serving cooked sea eel. Although each of the carts has a small space for its customers, the owners of the carts are generous. The sea eel roasted over burning coal briquettes is particularly delicious


  • subwayMetro Line 1 Jagalchi Station (Exit 10) → Jagalchi Market

BIFF Square Meokja Golmok

BIFF Square Meokja Golmok All sorts of eateries are competing for your custom at the PIFF Square. They entice you with various snacks and foodstuffs, including dried squid, dried filefish and fried sweet potato, which are good snacks to eat while watching movies, as well as broiled rice cake and fish


  • addressGudeok-ro, Jung-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 1 Jagalchi Station (Exit 7) → turn left after the PIFF ZONE building