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The flavors of BUSAN is yours to TASTE

Gobchang Alley in Munhyeon

Gobchang Alley in Munhyeon Wash off the fat from the small intestines of a hog. Mix hotpepper paste, pepper, and soybean sauce with the intestines and roast them lightly. Then spread seasoning one more time over the intestines and roast them again over burning coal briquettes. This will produce chitterlings of exquisite taste. Chitterlings prepared this way attract many middle aged visitors to this alley because they are nostalgic for the taste of the chitterlings they ate in their childhood. This alley is also famous as a locale for the filming of the movie, Friend


  • addressMunhyeon 4-dong Nam-gu Munhyeon IC- Behind Daelim City Plaza
  • subwayMetro Line 2 Jigegol Station (Exit 3) → Munhyeon 4-dong Community Service Center → proceed 100 m towards Munhyeon Gobchang Golmok

Millak Raw Fish Street & Subyon Park Millennium Hoe Center

Millak Raw Fish Street & Subyon Park Millennium Hoe Center Millak-dong Hoeshijang is a famous market crowded with restaurants specializing in hoe (sliced raw fish). At this place, fresh hoe is available for a very reasonable price. You can choose whatever fish you want and pay 40,000 won to 60,000 won for enough fresh sashimi and spicy fish stew for 3 to 4 persons. You can also enjoy tasty sashimi at the Millennium Hoe Center near Millak Subyon Park


  • addressOpposite Gwangalli Beach Theme Street Millak-dong Suyeong-gu (Millak-dong Sashimi Street)
  • subwayFrom Millak Waterside Park, 100m to Millennium Hoejib Millennium Hoe Center Metro Line 2 Millak (Exit 1) → transfer to Bus 210 → get off bus at Millak Waterside Park Millak-dong Hoejibgeori Metro Line 2 Gwangan (Exit 3 & 5) → straight 700m to Gwangalli Beach and turn left → Toward Millak-dong

Eonyang Bulgogi Alley

Eonyang Bulgogi Alley This alley in Gwangalli has enjoyed a great reputation for restaurants specialized in Eonyang bulgogi (roast beef cooked from meat of cows reared in Eonyang) for over 20 years. These restaurants are popular among tourists, people who work in the area and those out on family outings. The restaurants here have a unique atmosphere where you can e njoy delicious roast beef and the fresh ocean breeze at the same time


  • addressGwangan 2-dong Suyeong-gu
  • subwayMetro Line 2 Geumyeonsan Station (Exit 1 or 3) → proceed 370m towards Gwangalli Beach