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The delights of BUSAN is yours to ENJOY

BUSAN International Fireworks Festival

BUSAN International Fireworks Festival This is a world class fireworks festival held since 2005, when the APEC Summit Conference was held in Busan. Developed from a show that took place in that year to commemorate the Summit, the spectacular sight of tens of thousands of brilliant firework exploding over Gwangan Bridge to magnificent music and state-of-theart lighting, and the refr eshing breeze from the ocean, becomes a memory that will be cherished for a long time


  • addressIn the area of Gwangalli Beach and Gwangan Bridge
  • timeHeld in October

Gwangalli Eobang Festival

This is one of the most important cultural festivals designed to re-enact the traditional festive practices of Korean fishing villages, such as Jwasuyong Yongeobang Nori (singing and dancing by villagers wishing for a bountiful catch and the safe return of fishing boats), Suyeong Yaryu (a masque) and Suyeong Nongcheon Nori(farmers singing and dancing together to enhance the efficiency of their cooperative labor). The festival culminates with Jindu Oehwa, in which the old practice of fishing at night on torch-carrying fishing boats is reproduced under the brightly lit Gwangan Bridge


  • addressOn open stages at Suyeong Folk Art Center and Gwangalli Beach
  • timeHeld in April

BUSAN International Drama Festival

The programs of Busan International Drama Festival have continued to improve with new themes and plays presented each year and with theater companies from other countries, such as Taiwan, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan and France, participating. In the future, this festival is expected to grow to be on a par with the Busan International Film Fe stival


  • addressAt theaters including Busan Cultural Center, Busan Citizens Hall, the campus of Kyungsung University and Yongcheonjiral Mini-Theater.
  • timeHeld in early May