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Spend the last days of the year at festivals! Busan Winter Festivals in December
12월의 부산 겨울축제 사진

Many people are making plans to end the year more successfully and lavishly in December. As such, we would like to introduce 4 festivals planned in Busan for December that you can consider in your year-end planning.
1. Busan Christmas Tree Culture Festival (11/30~2020/1/31)
- As a representative December festival of Busan, it will be celebrating its 11th anniversary this year. Befitting of the name ‘Tree Festival’, a feast of lights will splendidly light up the streets of Gwangbok-dong, and beautiful songs and colorful performances will greet the citizens visiting Gwangbok-ro every night at this cultural festival. Simply viewing the trees that line up along the colorful streets decorated with more than 600,000 LED light bulbs will warm up your heart in spite of the chilly weather as winter sets in. It is recommended that you use public transportation to visit the Busan Christmas Tree Culture Festival which draws an enormous number of visitors every year which could make it quite difficult to find available parking space.
2. Haeundaerakgo Light Festival (11/6~2020/1/26)
- The Haeundaerakgo Light Festival, which may sound like ‘Is it Haeundae?’ in the local dialect in Busan, actually is a combination of the words Haeundae, “rak” (meaning joy) and “go” to mean ‘Going to an enjoyable place’. The Haeundaerakgo Light Festival will be held in the general region of Haeundae and will extend from Namgu-ro, Haeundae to the (former) Haeundae Station, Street of Youth in Haeundae and Haeundae Market Street. This year, a portion of Haeundae Beach will also be used for the festival. We hope you will not miss this rare opportunity to view the winter ocean along with splendid illuminations.
3. Busan Fishcake Festival (11/29~12/1)
- The Fishcake Festival is held in Busan, the hometown of fishcakes! It is an event held by 10 local companies based in Busan who are invited to offer opportunities to taste a diverse array of fishcakes created specifically for cold visitors. Since it is not only an event for tasting fishcakes, but also a cultural festival including a wide range of cultural events, you will be able to enjoy diversified auxiliary events, appreciate the beautiful natural scenic views of Dadaepo Beach with its vast mud flats and silver grass fields, all the while eating hot and savory fishcakes.
4. Busan New Year’s Day Festival (19/12/31~2020/1/1)
- A festival to end the year on a good note with many other people. The ringing of the Citizens’ Bell to welcome the New Year is a festival for sharing the joy of ending the year on a good note with a gathering of citizens from Busan and tourists. Towards the end of the event, following the ringing of the Citizens’ Bell, there will be a fancy fireworks show that beautifully decorates the pitch black night sky and is the highlight of the bell ringing ceremony. You will feel that the New Year will be more bountiful as you watch the dragons and flames soaring up high above Busan Tower.