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Festival for all those who love baseball Gijang International Baseball Grand Festival
기장국제야구대축제 포스터

The ‘Gijang International Baseball Grand Festival’, the largest-scale baseball festival in Korea through which all those who love baseball can be unified. Fans can enjoy baseball at the Gijang- Hyundai Motor Dream Ballpark over a period of 2 weeks from Monday November 18th to Sunday December 1st . The Gijang International Baseball Grand Festival will be composed of the main program, the Gijang International Baseball Competition, and diversified auxiliary events. The baseball competition will be held as a national scale competition with participation by elite baseball players and amateur baseball players, and will be again held in Jijang-gu as it was last year. Games will be played by dividing the participants into Elite, Amateur and Event Divisions. Friendly competitions will be held with participation from 24 teams from each of the little, elementary, middle and high school leagues, as well as 4 university teams in the Elite Division, and a total of 64 teams from the 2~6 leagues in the Amateur Division. The games in the Event Division will offer refreshing enjoyment for baseball fans through the participation of a wide range of age groups, and unconventional and novel game formats, including international baseball, women’s baseball, unlimited selection, elderly baseball teams, rubber ball baseball and youth baseball, etc. In addition, elite baseball players will not only participate in the baseball games, but will also provide opportunities for diversified experiences, including teaching sessions for the education of basic sportsmanship and a sense of ethics for athletes, as well as provide a meaningful opportunity for fans to nurture their dreams by personally meeting currently active professional baseball players. In addition, numerous teams from various leagues in Asian countries including Japan, Taiwan and China, etc. have expressed their intention to participate in the festival, thereby making it a competition befitting its name as an international competition. Moreover, various auxiliary events will be held through which visitors to the festival can create lifetime memories by enjoying diversified baseball related experiences.

These diversified and beneficial experiential events include a theme park for experiencing baseball, preview show for the Hall of Fame viewing of the history of Korean baseball at a glance, a concert featuring popular singers, a baseball skills camp conducted by currently active professional baseball players, a forum for the advancement of baseball, and a baseball tour bus to visit various key tourist destinations in Gijang-gun. In order to commemorate the Gijang International Baseball Grand Festival, the 'Baseball stadium drawing competition' was held at Dream Ball Park on October 9 and a total of 12 outstanding works, including 1 grand award winner, 1 most outstanding award winner, and 2 outstanding award winners were selected. These works will be exhibited at the Gijang- Hyundai Motor Dream Ballpark for the duration of the Gijang International Baseball Grand Festival, with the award ceremony to be held in the Dream Tent at the festival venue on November 23 at noon. As such, we look forward to extensive interest and participation from the citizens of Busan who love baseball at the Gijang International Baseball Grand Festival, which will be held in a festival format with integration of diversified baseball related contents and with a new concept that has not been introduced in Korea in the past.