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A work-life balance for the establishment of Busan as a blissful city 2019 Busan Work-Life Balance Fair
2019 부산 워라밸 페어 관련사진

‘The 2019 Busan Work-Life Balance Fair’ will be held to commemorate Busan Work-Life Balance Week at various locations in Busan, including the main conference room at Busan City Hall from Monday November 4th to Thursday November 7th. This event is being hosted by the Busan Metropolitan City Government and Busan Regional Employment and Labor Administration, and supervised by the Busan Women and Family Development Institute, Busan Employers Federation, and Busan Work and Life Balance Support Center. A diverse range of exhibitions and experiential events will be held to firmly pledge the determination to establish the blissful city of Busan through the proliferation of a work-life balance culture in Busan and to enable corporations and citizens to understand and sympathize with work-life balance initiatives. The commemoration ceremony for Work-Life Balance Week and the CEO Forum will be held in the main conference room on the 1st floor of Busan City Hall on Monday November 4 and will include an award ceremony for the companies selected in the 1st' Outstanding Work-Life Balance Company Competition this year. In the 'Work-Life Balance CEO Forum' that follows the commemoration ceremony, a special lecture by Mr. Seheon Park, CEO of Baedaleuiminjok (Baemin) of Woowahan Brothers, will be given to share insights into the balanced work-life organizational culture of the company, including graceful work by middle-aged people. A talk show by the lecturer Mr. Seheon Park, representing Busan’s leading company in terms of work-life balance, will introduce cases of practicing work-life balance in business administration. Attendees can visit the outstanding corporation promotional pavilion to view cases of leading work-life balance companies and the work-life balance policy pavilion that will introduce policies dealing with issues related to the balancing of work and life, including harassment in the workplace, substitute manpower, family-friendliness certification, labor consultation, workplace nursery and childcare, etc. Relevant institutions will participate in the central lobby of Busan City Hall, along with the operation of diversified experiential events, including promise calligraphy, stress diagnosis and tarot readings for work-life balance, etc. In the main auditorium of the headquarters of Busan Bank, a free performance of a theatrical play, ‘Living alone, a romantic play in a small room’, provided by Busan Bank for the work-life balance of workers, will be held on Wednesday November 6th at 7PM. All workers in the Busan region are invited to submit an application in advance to participate in this event. ‘Life with a leisurely evening for a dual career family’ program will be held by the Busan Work-Life Balance Support Center at the Beomil Branch of The Party on Thursday November 7th at 6PM. Fifty dual career families in the region of Busan will be invited for an enjoyable family program along with a delicious dinner served for all families. It is anticipated that all the participants, including corporations and citizens of Busan, will have a wonderful time experiencing the preciousness of work-life balance through the ‘2019 Busan Work-Life Balance Fair’.