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A venue where nature, new media and human beings coexist Museum of Contemporary Art Busan

Eulsukdo Island is a representative nature-friendly place in Busan. The Museum of Contemporary Art was established on this island, which is visited by migratory birds all year round. The irony that this most modern venue was constructed in the most nature-friendly space has drawn a lot of attention.
The Museum of Contemporary Art Busan is the 2nd public art museum constructed by Busan Metropolitan City after the Haeundae City Art Museum. It is composed of 1 underground floor and 3 above ground floors with facilities including exhibition venues, storage areas, seminar halls and experiential rooms, a children’s library, a data room, an arts and science room, and office spaces. What first and foremost captures visitors’ attention at the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan is the exterior design of the museum building. The unique building’s exterior is wrapped around by greenery and serves as more than decoration. It actually is an installation artwork piece by a botanical scholar, ‘Patrick Blanc’. This work strives to showcase the significance of nature that is fast disappearing as the result of urbanization and industrialization. The garden has been expressed vertically by transcending the concept of an ordinary garden in which various vegetation is planted on a horizontal plane. Once you enter the main gate, you will encounter a wall that instantly captures your attention. This is also one of the installation artwork pieces of the museum that appeals to children and adults alike. As you move forward a bit further, you come across a container space with a vague boundary between a playground and a café. This is a venue for the exhibition of artwork, along with the simultaneous operation of a café. It is quite special in that visitors can experience becoming a part of the artworks themselves. Another unique feature of the Museum of Contemporary Art is that visitors will find an extensive range of artwork composed of new media formats, including video, LED light, sound, space and plants, in contrast to paintings drawn with a brush commonly exhibited at the Haeundae City Art Museum. The Museum of Contemporary Art, which presents [Nature, New Media and Human] as the key agenda, is planning to execute activities to connect region, arts and the future. If you move to the back of the exhibition hall, you will find an outdoor deck with a vast backyard area spread out in front of the deck. This is a space that allows museum visitors to enjoy the beautiful nature and modern artwork in tranquility away from the mundane life of urban centers. The Museum of Contemporary Art Busan will become the venue for artwork and experiments for the coexistence of nature, arts and people by maintaining a mutually affirmative relationship in the midst of rapid changes in our society, including to the environment and scientific technologies. We look forward to seeing the museum establish itself as a beautiful cultural venue frequently visited by the residents of Busan.