At Music Festivals during Busan’s Autumn
Asia Song Festival 2017 / Busan One Asia Festival 2017

Asia Song Festival and Busan One Asia Festival come in succession in September and October when the summer heat has cooled down. Let’s check out this year’s presentation of the two music festivals.

1. Asia Song Festival 2017
The Asia Song Festival 2017 is a music festival for top-tier singers from major Asian countries which provide an opportunity to respect and understand the cultural diversity of different Asian countries and appreciate the sentimental heterogeneity through music. This year the festival is being held over three days from Sep. 22 through 24. On the first day of Sep. 22, Nurimaru APEC House in Haeundae will present the ‘International Copyright Conference’, which will discuss copyright issues involving different countries and will be joined by music industry members operating in Korea and abroad. On the second day of Sep. 23, a festival entitled ‘Fall in Music’ will embroider the beautiful night sky of Busan with music. And on the last day of Sep. 24, the main stage of Asia Song Festival 2017 will bring to the autumn night a hot performance by top-notch singers from different countries.

2. Busan One Asia Festival 2017 Good news for you! As South Korea’s greatest Korean Wave festival, Busan One Asia Festival 2017 will offer all of its programs for free, except the opening and closing ceremony. For this year’s event, there will be more people participating outdoors than indoors. First of all, it will have a splendid opening with performances by top Asian stars, then proceed with various performances and programs, including a special showing of the legends of different eras for different genres and showcases featuring up and coming talents. ‘Park Concert’ in Busan Citizens Park will provide enjoyment for the whole family with its performances of various music genres. It will also present a star chef’s food exhibition and a sitting where a first-rate stylist shares make-up and fashion tips. At the BOF Store, visitors can purchase products related to the stars or enjoy K-Pop VR or board games at the BOF Game Room. You have good reason to look forward to BOF, which will arrive with bountiful content for everyone.