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Busan Tourism Information at a Glance
The 20th Busan International Travel Fair / Busan Grand Sales 2017
제20회 부산국제관광전 / 2017 부산관광그랜드세일 포스터이미지

Set to proceed over four days from Oct. 8 through 11, the 20th Busan International Travel Fair will have 450 booths set up by 270 or so organizations from 46 countries, which will present tourism products and travel information for those countries. The fair presents activities by our neighboring countries like Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines at their booths. Furthermore, it will present a single-view summary of tourist information for different countries in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Following the opening ceremony, the fair will proceed with the ‘Korean Tourism Promotion Hall’, which features tourist attractions in South Korea, ‘Overseas Tourism Promotion Hall’, which brings publicity to the distinctive cultures and tourist spots in 46 foreign countries, ‘Travel Products Special Sales Hall’, which provides travel consulting and products with discounted prices, ‘Tourism Knowledge & Information Exchange Hall’, where visitors can get various tourist information, and ‘Experiential Traditional Culture Hall’. where one can sample distinctive traditional cultures.

Visitors to the 20th Busan International Travel Fair will also be able to get information on the Busan Grand Sale 2017, which offers all Korean and international tourists visiting the port city discounts on shopping, food, and lodgings among others. 94 tourism companies and 2,440 small businesses operating in the city’s major tourist spots, including Haeundae, Nampo-dong, Gwangalli, and Seomyeon participate in the Busan Grand Sale 2017 to help tourists have a rewarding time in the city. Visit the website for the Busan Grand Sale 2017 to download your discount coupons.
Considering the long holiday in early October, people can come to the 20th Busan International Travel Fair and recieve information on tourism products. As they can find Busan tourism products at reduced prices during the Busan Grand Sale 2017, visitors can draw up a more reasonably-priced and fruitful tour plan.