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A place where works of art are hidden in every corner of the alley Gamcheon Cultural Village
감천문화마을 전경

As Gamcheon Cultural Village is a nationally recognized place, many foreigners and tourists frequently visit here. Since a variety of attractions and experience opportunities are available, including outdoor artwork and workshops in every corner of the village, in addition to the stories of villagers, one day may not be enough to thoroughly explore everything. ‘The house with a story’, the first place welcoming visitors, created by Park Eunsaeng and Park Keongseok, demonstrates the residential form of Gamcheon-dong citizens. Placed right next to a gazebo, this site has been displayed using a variety of colors and has stylized the image of change and development in Gamcheon. In the middle of the village, workshops such as "an eco-crafts workshop, an art studio, a natural dye workshop and Chance and Fate”, are situated next to each other in one place. Even in every corner flowerpots, vegetable patches and clothes lines that can be seen when heading down narrow alleys all seem as if they are their own version of living art. "Tree of Hope”, created by Choi Jangrak, placed in the middle of the village, is a tree that displays arrows to direct visitors to the various artwork and connects the beautiful alleyways. It indicates the distinctively connected alleyways without dead-ends in Gamcheon 2-dong and highlights the meaning of communication. Created by Na Injoo, “the Little Prince and a Desert Fox" is one of the most adored works among young visitors. Every young visitor who is standing behind the little prince in a long queue beams with a bright smile as they look forward to talking to the little prince. The little prince who left his planet and came to Earth met a desert fox. Then, he visited Gamcheon Cultural Village by leaping through outer space while on a long journey with his furry friend. Now, he sits on the railing and overlooks the town. Aside from this, there is another work of the little prince being exhibited in the Gamnaegol Happiness Power Station. A group of 10 or more visitors, including kindergarteners, students from elementary school to high school and the general public, can participate in a variety of experience programs including metal crafts, caricatures, ceramics, woodwork and puzzle painting at the Gamnaegol Happiness Power Station or Gamnaeeoulteo. The program is offered from 9am to 4pm and the price of admission ranges from 6,000 to 15,000won. In addition to the works and places mentioned above, Gamcheon Cultural Village is full of outdoor artwork that is placed throughout the village. Visitors can truly appreciate the village as they explore while learning the meaning of each work.