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Play To The Next Step! Global Game Exhibition G-Star 2016
지스타2016 포스터

‘Play To The Next Step’ Under the slogan of 'G-Star 2016, Play To The Next Step’, the event strives to deliver excitement to visitors that can be taken to the next level and where such visitors can directly experience new and revolutionary games at G-Star through a more improved and advanced gaming environment, such as VR and enhanced mobile games.

With Netmarble Games being selected as a main sponsor of 'G-Star 2016' and Longtu Korea, a mobile game publisher that has recently begun to stand out in the domestic market, selected as a new premier sponsor, the exhibition will boost a level of PR satisfaction for participating companies, while providing various attractions to visitors.

Moreover, until last year admission at the exhibition used to require the exchange of graded bracelets on site to determine the age classification of visitors. However, this year, the organizer is making efforts to actively promote mobile ticket sales through online booking in order to minimize the confusion of visitors and to reduce waiting times at the entrance.

Twitch, participating as a global media partner for two consecutive years following last year’s presence, plays the role of a communication channel that bridges game companies and users at 'G-Star 2016'. Twitch plans to deliver domestic game titles to its overseas fans through dedicated game show channels, and together with developers and planners of each company, will offer the opportunity to demonstrate and introduce games in order to achieve a success at the event. Most of all, the ongoing e-Sports tournament, the main event promoted by Twitch, and the Special Game Zone where games are directly demonstrated by overseas game companies are expected to be the focus of many visitors’ attention.

As the exhibition has been under preparation, G-Star 2016 has kept receiving inquiries regarding participation, even though its application has already been closed thanks to the overwhelming interest from so many companies. As befitting this year’s slogan, ‘Play To The Next Step’, the exhibition is expected to achieve greater success than ever before, while offering many exciting experiences to guests.