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Everybody is searching for a date in summer.
Young and single men and women are flooding to beaches.

Man: Oh! My God! I have never seen such a beautiful lady.

Man: Do you have the time for me?
Woman: No! I am in a hurry now.
Man: uh! Wait, lady! This is a perfect man capable of many things and competent. My name is Han Su-yong.
Woman: And? What?
Man: Let me try anything!
Man: Hmm, that is little scary, but I can do it. I am a Busan man, you know.
Woman: Let's get going right now.
Woman: Come quickly, Su-yong!
Man: I am going.

That looks exciting!

Instructor: Have you ever tried surfing?
Woman: This man has done several times and I haven't
Man: yes, a little bit. Ha-ha
Instructor: Well. I guess you would probably surf well. Wind surfing is quite exciting. It is called the flower of water reports.
Woman: That is why we are here.
Instructor: You have to get ready before going into water. Let's do some back stretching by putting your one leg behind.
It is very important to keep the balance on the water.
You should wind the lope around your leg. Now, let's go to the sea.

Man: Ouch! The water is too cold.
Woman: Wow! You are so cool, teacher!
(When she sees his face again). You are perfectly my type.
Man: (while surfing) I can do that, too.
Eh!! Please save me! This is an emergency. Help me!
Instructor: One, two, one, two
Woman: Are you OK? Su-yong! Open your eyes! We had better do mouth-to-mouth.
Man: Wooo! (When the instructor is starting mouth resuscitation) I am not dead, teacher!
Woman: What are you doing? Huh?
You said you can do anything.
Man: But, we are getting closer because of that! Ha-ha
Woman: Really? Huh?