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na) Amy, a Korean resident of Japan visits Busan.

# Busan Station
Minju: Hello Amy, I'm here!
Amy: Oh, I didn’t see you there.
Minju: I've just arrived.
Amy: Are we going to take the city bus?
Minju: Today, we’ll take the Eulsukdo natural ecology route to
experience Busan’s natural environment..
Amy: That sounds great!
Minju: Today will be the most exciting day yet!
Amy: I can't wait.
Minju: Okay, let's go.

# Namhang Grand Bridge.
na) A marine bridge connecting Seo-gu’s Amnam-dong with Yeongdo-gu’s Yeongseon-dong,.

Minju: At night, the view along Namhang Grand Bridge with its colorful lighting is absolutely breathtaking.
Amy: Wow, that sounds wonderful!

# Amnam Park
na) Located at the edge of the Amnam peninsula, it is famous for its
dense pine forests which provide the perfect place for woodland bathing.
Minju: Let’s walk along this mountain path.
Amy: All right. Let's go!

Minju: After long years of exclusion, people were finally permitted to come here.
Amy: Really? There was no access to this beautiful place before now?
Minju: Oh, what’s that? Let's check it out!

Amy: This sky bridge is very interesting. Ha-ha!
Minju: Amy, stop shaking! hee-hee!

# Dwaeji-gukbap (pork soup)
Amy: Minju, I'm hungry.
Minju: Me too. Let's go eat something over there.
Amy: Where? That signboard.... Dwaeji-gukbab?
Minju:Yes, let’s try Dwaeji-gukbab? It's a traditional local food in Busan.
Amy: That sounds great. Let's go!
Minju: Okay!

Amy: This soup tastes wonderful! Oh! But it’s too hot. Haha!
(after blowing on it) This soup is rich and tasty. Why is this soup popular in Korea?
Minju: This soup is made of pork bones boiled for a long time to release lots
of nutrients including calcium, protein, and lots of flavor.
Amy: So it tastes good and also good for your heath!

Minju:Eat slowly to savor the taste.
Amy: I’m sure to be healthy...I’ve eaten it all up.
My stomach's about to burst. Haha!
Minju: Amy, you’re hopeless! Hee-hee!

Minju: We’ve just passed Dadaepo beach.
Amy: Is it famous for its music fountain?
Minju: You’re right! Let's go and visit it on another trip.

# A-mi Mountain Observatory
na) This structure was awarded the 2011 Busandaun Architecture Awards grand prize ,
with its unique shape that looks like a sitting bird.
Amy: The architecture is pretty amazing?
Minju: Yes. We can also see the Nakdong River estuary delta from the observatory.
Amy: Wow, I'm surprised. It's just amazing!

Minju: Let's visit the exhibition hall.

na) This permanent exhibition hall displays a variety of items detailing a lot of information about the Nakdong River estuary.

Amy: We can see a virtual projection of the future appearance of the Nakdong River estuary via interactive software. It’s amazing!

Amy: What do you see?
Minju: Oh, how wonderful!
Amy: The Nakdong River is very beautiful.

# Nakdong Estuary Eco Center
na) This eco center is located in Hadan-dong, Saha-gu.
It’s an ecology center with a variety of exhibits, audiovisual materials and models of
the migratory birds that visit Eulsukdo.
Minju: Eulsukdo means island with a lot of birds and clear water”.
Amy: It's such a pretty name!
Minju: This is the last destination of today's tour.
Amy: Look at these bird models! They seem alive.

Minju: We can observe the appearance of birds and changes in island ecology from here.
Amy: That is one reason for the preservation of Eulsukdo, in that it serves as a home for migratory birds, right?
Minju: Right.

Minju: We can view the migratory birds moving in a field of reeds through the available telescopes.
Amy: Wow, wonderful!

Minju: If you want to observe migratory birds in detail, winter is the best season.
Amy: Then we can visit in winter. Haha!
Amy: It that the Eulsukdo Migratory Bird Park?
Minju: You’re correct, great! Hee-hee!

Amy: If I were a migratory bird, I could fly all around the world.
Minju: I wish I could fly just like a bird!
Amy: Sure, Haha!

Amy: The Eco-center was such interesting place.
I hope we have another chance to visit places like this next time.

# Busan Station
Minju: Are you heading back to the United States?
Amy: I had a great time with you, Minju. I won’t forget this trip.
Minju: I'll miss you, Amy. Oh, yes! (taking out diary) Here’s a Busan diary.
It's a small present I got for you.
Amy: Wow, thank you so much, Minju.
Minju: Don’t mention it.
Amy: I'll really miss you and Busan too. Keep well!
Minju: Good-bye, Amy.
Amy: Goodbye!
Minju: Bye.../Goodbye, Amy!