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na) Amy anticipates another fun day in Basan.
What exciting events await Amy?

# Busan Station
Minju: It’s about time. Has she forgotten? Hmmm.
Maybe she’s already on the bus,
Amy? Did you just arrive?
Amy: Hi, Minju. I've been waiting.
Minju: Today, we’re going to take the Haedong Yonggungsa Route.
We’ll enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape.
Amy: Wow, we’’ see the Busan sea?
Minju: That’s right!

# Gwanganri
Amy: Wow, look at that! It's Gwanganri beach.
I’ve heard the night view here is superb. It looks fantastic.

# Haeundae
Minju: Haeundae beach has quite an urban atmosphere.
Amy: That's why I like it!

# Dalmaji Road
Amy: There are a lot of coffee shops here.
Minju: This is a famous spot for couples.
Amy: I see.

# Songjeong
na) Characterized by clean water and a calm
atmosphere with a lot of group accommodations.
It’s a very popular MT (Membership Training) location.

Minju:Jukdo Park is considered a must-see place in Songjeong.
Amy: Okay, let's go and see!

Amy~ Minju ~ Ha ha!

Amy: Wow, Minju. I feel like I’m flying.
Minju: Haha! Watch out, Amy!
Amy: Oh...the wind is so cool~

Minju: This is a small Buddhist temple called Songiljeong.
A wonderful panoramic view of the beach can be seen from here!
Amy: It really is breathtaking. Minju: I expected you to say so!
Minju:I’m going to take a picture! One, two... (with a snap)
Minju: Ready, go!
Both: Here we go! Whee! Ha-ha!

Minju: Let’s take in the next spot!
Amy: Let’s go!

# HaedongYonggung Temple
na) Founded in 1376 by the venerable monk Naong,
it is considered one of the three sacred places of Korean Buddhism many visitors
come to enjoy the wonderful scenery that blends in with the sea.

Minju: This is HaedongYonggung Temple.
Amy: It's wonderful, but Oh! My legs hurt after all that walking.
Minju: Amy, I bet you’ll enjoy the next grand view. Let’s go check it out! You won't regret it!
Amy: Ok, Minju. I'm coming..

Amy: Oh, it’s hard. Hmm. What are those? Accessories.....

Wow, they are very pretty. Hey! It's a pig. He’s so cute!! Lovely pigs~

Minju: There are many kinds of accessories here. What are you doing, Amy?
Amy: I'm choosing a gift for Mimi.

Minju: I’d like 2,000 won of Pulpang cakes, please.
Amy: Wow, they look delicious. I'm actually hungry. He he! Thanks.
Minju: Let's try them.
Amy: Hmm... They’re very tasty.
Minju: Have some more!

Minju: The twelve animals of the oriental zodiac.
Let's try mimicking them. Hmmph!
Amy: Wow, you’re a great mimic!!

Minju: This is the big gold Buddha, called Podaewhadang.
There is a legend that if a woman touches the belly, she’ll have a healthy baby boy.
Amy: That’s a great story! I’d like a baby boy myself.
Minju: What? You can't mean it!
Amy: I'm just joking. Haha! (wistful)

Amy: This temple is really amazing.
Minju: Really?
Minju: Wow, great, Amy!

Amy: There are so many coins here.
Minju: It’s said that if you toss some coins in,
your wishes will come true. Amy, give it a try!
Amy: I’ve made my wish, it’s sure to come true!
Amy: Aha! Made it!

Amy: Mimicking pigs.... hee hee

! Minju: What are you doing here?
Amy: Oh, let me see…
Minju: You’ll have to pay for this, you know. Hee-hee!
Amy: Please forgive me Buddha!

Minju: This stone sculpture is called Haesugwaneumdaebul,
and is the largest solid stone Buddhist statue in Korea standing 10 meters high.
Amy: Wow, it’s huge.

Amy: This is a wonderful place. How did it get the name Haedongyonggung?
Minju: The monk Jeongam saw the Goddess of Mercy in a dream, riding a dragon flying
into the sky, so he changed the name of this temple to Haedongyonggung.
Amy: I see, it’s from dreams...

# Busan Station
Amy: I had a really great time today. Thanks, Minju.
Minju: You're welcome. What are doing tomorrow?
Amy: Anything is okay with me.
Minju: Okay, see you tomorrow. Today was so much fun with you!
Amy: Bye-bye!