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na) Today is the first day of Amy's visit to Busan.
Guess what memories we made today!
# Busan Station
Minju: It's almost time for her to arrive... oh?
My goodness, Amy! I haven't seen you in ages!
Amy: Hey, Minju! Long time no see!
Minju: What have you been up to?

Minju: I've got something special for you.
Today, we're going to take a city tour bus.
Amy: What is that?
Minju: It's a must try feature you shouldn’t pass up on your trip to Busan.
Amy: I can't wait... Let’s go!

Amy: Wow, it's amazing!

Amy: It's so clean and comfortable. Hee-hee!
Minju: Today, we’ll explore Busan’s history.
Amy: I'm so excited. It should be very interesting!
Bus driver: Thank you for taking the Busan City Tour Bus!! Have a nice trip.
Minju: We’re passing the Golden Theme Street.
Amy: I'm so happy to be here with you.

# Bokcheon Museum
na) Opened in 1996 to educate the public about local culture,
it now offer people the opportunity to learn about the ancient Gaya and Shilla kingdom cultures
through a variety of excavated artifacts from the Bokcheon-dong Tombs which are registered as
National Historic Site No. 273.

Minju: Come this way, Amy.
Amy: Where are we?
Minju: We’ve finally arrived at Bokchen Museum!
Guide: These are the tombs of the ruling class,
created in the Three Kingdom’s era.
Minju: Hmm...Let's see...,, Wow, it's so amazing!
Guide: Historical artifacts and burial accessories are on display here.
Minju: So, that's a tomb?
Amy: This is just a complete surprise.

Minju: Those are some of the artifacts excavated from the tomb.
Amy: They look fantastic.

Amy: Minji! I want to try this.
Minju: Do as you please. Let me see... It looks good on you.
Amy: Really? Haha!
Minju: Take a picture as a souvenir! (with a snap)

# Geumgang Park
na) This park is designated Busan Monument No. 26.
It is located at the foot of Geumjeong Mountain and many locals visit. Inside the park are Botanical gardens,
an amusement park and the Busan Folk Art Hall.

Minju: There’s a lot to see and enjoy, so many people visit on holiday trips. Let's go have fun!
Amy: Shall we go on a picnic? Hee-hee!

Amy: I really like this ride. It's so exciting!!
Minju: Fun, yes?
Amy: Yeah~~

Amy/Minju: Haha! Wow!

Minju: This park has a lot of cultural artifacts.
Amy: I can find it all here, I think!

Amy: Where are we?
Minju: Rare and exotic marine life is exhibited here from around the world. Let's go inside!
Amy: All right.

Minju: There is no admission fee.
Amy: Free of charge? I love it!

Minju: This is a tropical creature exploration booth.
Amy: Let's go explore!

Amy: Wow, it's a crocodile. Oh! I'm scared.
Minju: You can directly observe a variety of reptiles here.
Amy: Living crocodiles.... wow, it's so real.
Woman, Amy, you are scared at turtles!
Amy: Gosh, scared!

na) Marine life from around the world is on display here,
thanks to generous donations from marine life collector Kim Dong-seop.

Amy: Wow, there are so many interesting things here.
Minju: See? What did I say?
Amy: Right, it maybe one of the best attractions I’ve seen.

# Beomeosa Temple
na) Located at the edge of Mt. Geumjeong, Cheongryong-dong, Busan,
this temple was established by Silla Monk Ui Sang and has a number of local cultural artifacts, including the main temple,
Daewungjeon, which is designated Treasure No. 434. Now it is famous for its temple stay program.

Minju: Beomeosa Temple has significant historic value as one of top 3 temples in the Yeongnam region.
Amy: Korean Buddhist temples are wonderful.
Minju: When you see a Budda statue, it is customary to bow down onyour knees, while joining your palms together.
Amy: That’s a fun tradition!

Amy: Like this...(turning her head) How long should I do this?
(turing her head again)Hmm, not yet. How long?

Minju: Amy, you did a really a good job!!
Amy: Haha! You taught me well, Minju. Thanks~

# Choryang Pork Ally
Amy: They say that food is better than birdsongs.
I'm starving. We’ll try Choryang Pork?
Minju: Right, this street is famous for its pork ribs.
The ones prepared along this alley are considered delicacies.
Amy: Pork ribs? I love them!
Minju: Hurry up, we’re both hungry. Let's go!

Amy: There are a lot of pork rib restaurants here.

Amy: It's really is pork rib alley
Minju: You’re right. It’s making me very hungry.
Minju: How about this restaurant?
Amy: Looks good!

Minju:We’d really like to try your famous pork ribs. Three servings, please.
Restaurant owner: This shop and recipe are passed down from my mother. The taste is superb. Please enjoy your meal.
Amy: Mmm, meat.... I love pork ribs.

Amy: Try it like this! Wrap a piece of pork in lettuce,
add sliced radish and garlic well. Okay, complete! Let’s raise a toast to wrapping. Ssam!
Amy/Minju: Here's to you!
Amy: Thank you!
Minju: Oh, it’s so tender and tasty. It's great!
Amy: Thanks for bringing me here, Minju.

# Busan Station
Amy: Today was very exciting. I love Busan!!
Minju: Really? We’ll have more fun tomorrow.
Amy: Great, I'm so excited.
Minju:Busan has such charm that nobody can resist it.
Amy: I can't wait....ha ha!
Minju:ha ha!