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na) Will Dahae of Seoul and Keewan of Busan fall in love?

# Busan Station
Man: Are you leaving for Seoul now?
Woman: No, my train leaves Busan at 10:30.
Man: Oh...we have plenty of time. Come with me.

Woman: Now? Where are we going?
Man: To enjoy the Busan night view.
Woman: The night view? That sounds great!

# Gwanan Grand Bridge
na) Gwanan Grand Bridge has illumination producing over 10,000 colors.

Man: Look at the lights. Aren’t they pretty?
Woman: Yes, it's fantastic!

Woman: Wow, it is like being in a different world.

Woman: The night view of Gwananri is superb.
Man: The Busan City Tour Bus has a route to take in the beautiful Busan night view.
Woman: It's quite a fantastic route. Haha!

# Haeundae
na) The buildings along the seacoast and the sea at night offer a gorgeous night view of Haeundae Beach.

Man: It’s getting colder here.
Woman: Yes, a little bit.

Man: This is Dalmaji Road.
Woman: This would be a great place to walk.
Man: Maybe next time. Ha ha!

# Geumryeonsan
na) This is one of the key locales for a beautiful night view.

Man: This place is also famous for its excellent night view, so many Busan people visit at night.
Woman: It's quite beautiful!

Man: If we go to Bongsudae, we can visit many lovely cafes. Would you like to take it in with me next time?
Woman: Certainly!

Woman: There’s an astronomical observatory here.
Man: It's The Busan People’s Observatory. There are so many stars in the sky.
Woman: Countless stars twinkling above.
Man: Just like the glittering stars in your eyes....
Woman: What!? Oh, you're teasing me.

Woman: The Busan night view is breathtaking.
Thank you for bringing me. I'm so happy.

Man: Are you hungry?
Woman: A little bit

# Red-bean frozen desert
Man: This is the most famous red-bean Bing Soo shop in Busan.
It's been open 18 years.
Woman: A nice long time!
Man: Let’s order! Red-bean Bing Soo for two, please!
Restaurant owner: Here, enjoy!
Woman: It has a lot of toppings.
Man: Taste it and tell me what you think. You'll be surprised.
Woman: Okay, let me try..... Hmm...Oh! It tastes good!
Man: I told you. Haha!
Woman: mmm…
Man: Well I've had enough!

# Busan Station
Woman: I had a wonderful time with you. Can I call you when I get back to Seoul?
Man: Sure, ha ha! Oh, and here is a small present for you, to help remind you of this lovely trip toBusan.

Woman: It's very pretty! I’ll treasure your gift!

and I won’t forget my memories of beautiful Busan!

Well, I'd better be going.
He's gone... whew......

Oh? A text message from him. You’ve just arrived, what? You want me to go out? Really? I can't believe it! Yahoo, I made it!